About Us

Louise, the founder of Love Your Lights, was disillusioned with the quality of outdoor decorative lights sold in New Zealand. While she knew what she wanted, she was confused and underwhelmed with what was available in the major retail shops and online. After buying a set of battery lights, she was frustrated after they only lasted a week and this was followed by a set of solar lights that lasted a season. This frustration and lack of inspiration was the beginning of Love Your Lights.


So back in those early days the idea was to set up a business, having found a gap in the market. We’ve grown a lot since then, but our quest to provide great products and incomparable customer service remains the force behind everything we do. Our mission is to make decorative lighting simple not techy and confusing. We want you to buy with confidence knowing you are buying quality and give you the right advice so you feel empowered about where and how to display them. We want to inspire everyone to transform their space to add that warm glow and smile! 

With a focus on quality and providing outstanding customer service, we pride ourselves on doing everything better. We are incredibly fussy about our quality standards and it is this detail we insist upon, that sets us apart from the competition. We don't want you buying the same lights season after season or coming back disillusioned because they only lasted a short while. We searched high and low for the best suppliers, so we could confidently offer you a two-year guarantee on every product we sell.

 And why the name? Well, as you can see we’re very passionate about lights and we want you to hear that same reaction when your visitors arrive and see your lights – “Love Your Lights!”

We are based in Nelson, the centre of NZ (we even have a famous walk to the centre!) so it's a great location for shipping those orders North & South! 

We are always ready to listen, so if you’d like to start a conversation with Louise, please get in touch. Email louise@loveyourlights.co.nz or phone 021 247 4026

Love Your Lights? We hope so!


Louise & Alex Geraghty