A19 Amber or Clear Bulb Drop Hang Festoon Lights from Love Your Lights

A19 Bulb Festoon Lights


      An unmissable combination of style, and quality innovative LED technology, these festoon lights feature an amber-tinted glass bulb which will provide beautiful decor during the day and a warm, ambient glow in the evening.

      If elegance and style are featured in the brief, consider this style. Each bulb has a filament stem containing 3 LEDs for that nostalgic Edison glow. The ability to dim these lights will take you from task lighting to soft, dim lighting within a second. 

      Measuring 110mm x 60mm they are slightly larger than their rivals, the A60 and S14 bulb while the amber tinted glass gives it a little more elevation in the elegance stakes.

      5 products

      5 products