Connectable Lights Explained

Our wide range of connectable lights feature string lights, fairy lights, festoon lights, net lights, curtain lights and icicles for ultimate flexibility all year round.

Whatever your space, we have every length you need with many of our lights  designed for both indoors and out. There’s plenty of choice to achieve the perfect look with ease.

Connectable lights couldn't be easier to use! Whether it’s 10m or 750m, simply link your lights together, twist to secure, attach the plug, and you’re good to go. You don't need to purchase any additional items. All lights come with one end that can be connected to another set of lights.

Don't want them connected? No worries, no need to do anything, your lights are good to go. 

To see the video showing you how it's done visit click the link here

connectable festoon lights


connectable string lights