Lighting Q&A

I've plugged my lights in and no bulbs light up? 

This is usually a sign you haven't twisted your bulbs in tight enough. Please twist all the bulbs a little more to the right and they should light up.

Do I need a transformer? 

No. Our festoon lights are fitted with a standard 3-pin plug that is manufactured to an IP65 rating. We’ve designed this plug to fit into a weatherproofed outdoor socket and to allow the cover to close snugly around the plug.

Our fairy lights including curtain, net and icicle lights are also fitted with a standard 3-pin plug that is manufatured to a IP44 - IP65 rating depending on the style you purchase. 

Once you receive your lights, simply plug in and watch them light up! 

How do I connect my lights?

To connect your lights, ensure you have removed the end cap from one set and removed the plug (unscrew it from the connector) from the other set. Simply ensure that the pin & grooves at the end of each string are correctly aligned. If still unsure, watch this short clip. Click Here

Do your lights come in individual strings or one long set of string of lights?

All of our connectable lights are supplied in 5m or 10m strings which you simply daisy-chain together end to end to create a longer display.

To connect your lights, ensure that the pins and grooves at the end of each string are correctly aligned. 

The connections look the same so why am I unable to connect your lights or extension cables to mine? 

Unfortunately not all LED products are compatible with one another. There are many types of LED products on the market and if purchased from another retailer we cannot guarantee that our products will have the same wattage or voltage specifications as the product you have.

If you are having issues with your LED power supply the first place to start is to determine the voltage and power specifications of your LED lighting products. We would recommend contacting the manufacturer, or retailer you purchased the product from to confirm this information with them.

Can I use your lights with other brands of lights? 

We would never recommend connecting our lights to another brand of lights because all our connectable ranges have unique Love Your Lights connectors. The connection will not be the same and you may risk causing damage to your lights.

Can these lights be hard wired? 

Yes they can all be hardwired if done by a registered electrician. 

For both domestic and commercial displays we recommend taking the advice of a local electrician. 

If one bulb goes, does this affect the rest of my lights?

All our fairy light LED products are designed with fuse-bulb technology meaning that if one LED were to fail the remainder in the display would stay lit.

If a festoon bulb stops working the remaining lights will continue to work. All our festoon bulbs are replaceable so you can simply purchase a new bulb here

What would you recommend to hang my festoon lights? 

Hang festoon lights high above your space for a luminous look as the evening draws in. They are the perfect way to illuminate your garden and will create a subtle glow as it gets dark. They also look great during the day and are flexible in their styling. Swag them between trees, along fences or use festoon poles/hooks to display them with ease. Alternatively use s hooks or cup hooks when hanging from pergolas and roof lines. For more specific hanging information click here

I can't seem to get my solar lights working? 

Please refer to our troubleshooting tips. 

Solar Festoons

Solar Lanterns

Do the solar lights have automatic sensors? Will they turn on automatically and turn off once the sun rises? 

Yes that is correct. All have built in sensors so you just let the sun do the work during the day and watch them glow and night. They will automatically turn off once the sun rises. If you want to manually turn them off, you can do that too. 

I think I may need an extension cable. Do you sell these? 

Yes we do! 

Net lights, icicle lights, fairy lights and curtain lights - click here 

Festoon lights - click here

I'm not too sure what type of lights I need or what length? Feeling a bit confused? 

Give our friendly team a call on 0800 300 411 or email us at and we would love to help. We want you to buy with confidence. We also love being sent photos as this helps us provide targeted advice specific to your space.