Troubleshooting Tips - Solar Festoon Lights

If you have recently encountered an issue with your Solar Festoon Lights not working please follow our troubleshooting tips below: 

I received my lights but I can't get them to work? 

Before doing anything please test your lights in the evening when dark and try twisting the bulbs to the right so they are a little tighter. You might think you've screwed them in tight but you'll be amazed how many customers do this quick and easy solution to get all their lights turned on! 

1. When you received your solar festoon lights did you press the ON/OFF button on the back of the panel once to activate the ON mode? Please don't press this button multiple times, otherwise you'll have no idea if they are on or off.

2. Have you placed the solar panel outside for a minimum of 2 sunny days with at least 8 hours of daylight per day? Remember these lights are charged by the sun. We know you are excited about your lights but please be patient with them. This initial charge time is critical. 

3. Are you testing the lights when it is DARK? Remember it needs to be dark for them to work, not just when the sun goes down. Please don't test under conditions other than outside and in darkness. Don't place the panel under blankets or in wardrobes to see if they work.

4. Make sure the connection between the solar panel cable and the festoon cable is secure and tight so the charge can run through. Unscrew it and then screw it back in again making sure the pins are correctly aligned with the grooves.

5. Try tightening the bulbs. Customers often get a bit scared twisting the bulbs as they think they'll break them but they'll be fine. If the bulbs aren't secure enough in their socket they won't light up. Sometimes this step is all that is needed. Tighten each and every bulb so they are nice and snug in their socket. Or if it is one bulb not lighting up then try twisting it a little to the left and then a little to the right to get it working. 

6. Once you have done the above when it is dark try pressing the MODE button a few times. You might find you have it in the fade or time-out setting. Be patient and press it once, wait a minute and then try the next mode. 

7. If the lights don't light up then of course press the ON/OFF button once and charge again during a sunny day. It may be that you were trying to charge the panel in OFF mode. 

8. If still not working and you have one of our units with the USB charge input then we suggest charging them indoors overnight via the USB charge. That way we can then eliminate if lack of sun or panel placement is an issue. You'll then see a green light turn on which lets you know it has been charged. You can then connect the panel back to your festoon cable.

One or more of my lights have gone dim or stopped working

The easiest problem is the bulb is loose. Screwing it in might be all you need to do. 

My Solar Festoons Have Stopped Working 

1. Has it recently been a cloudy or rainy day? Remember these are solar lights so they are impacted by the weather. Please be patient before jumping to conclusions. Wait for a few sunny days to see if they light up. 

2. Has anything fallen on the solar panel or has the panel been moved? If so, could the panel or cable have been damaged during this event? If it has been moved, is it still in a sunny position? 

3. Try twisting the solar festoon light bulbs to make sure they are all tight. 

4. Push the ON/OFF button twice to turn it off and then on again. This will help reset it and get it charging again during the day. Or you may find the ON/OFF has been accidently knocked. Remember it needs to charge and switch on in ON mode. 

5. Is your cable line taut with no slack? Over time this will put unnecessary strain on your festoon cable. If it is a particularly windy day and your cable has no slack to work with, this can damage the cable. 

6. Have you got at least one hanging point per every 7 meters? If not, as per above you are putting too much strain on the cable. 

One Bulb Has Stopped Working?

1. Give it a twist to the left and then the right to see if it works. 

2. Turn the bulb clockwise and make sure it's tight and snug in its socket. 

3. Try testing that socket with either your spare bulb and/or bulbs from other sockets? If other bulbs work then it is a bulb issue. If no bulbs work then it is a socket issue. 

I've tried all of the above but I still need help. 

Please email us direct at > and we will work on a solution with you.