Fairy Light extension cables + splitters + T connectors

Fairy Lights Accessories


      All fairy light accessories are compatible with our Fairy Lights, Curtain Lights, Net Lights and Icicle Light collections.

      At Love Your Lights we understand you may not always have the perfect length between your string lights and power outlets. Therefore we have a range of extension cables to solve that problem. 

      Choose the extension cable with plug option for those displays where you want the extension cable at the start. 

      Choose the extension cable without plug option for those displays with multiple lights. You may want to add the extension cable at the start, middle or end. 

      We also range Fairy Light T Connectors, 4 and 7 Port Connectors along with Fairy Light Splitters. All allow you to split your lights in different directions with the ease of one power outlet. 

      Everything is connectable making these an easy addition to your lighting needs.


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