What Sets Our Product & Brand Apart from the Rest?

We are proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated and deliver daily from our North island warehouse!

We’ve engineered the most durable fairy and festoon lighting systems on the market ready to stand the test of time! Our outdoor collections have been designed to last in New Zealand's outdoor conditions and get you well beyond just a season of use. 

Trusted Brand 

We are a NZ owned and operated brand who ships daily from our local North Island warehouse. When you order from us you won't be stressed about delivery times or wondering where your order is. We have been rated on Trustpilot (click here) by over 300 customers and are very proud of our excellent score! Don't just take our word for our high quality products, fast delivery and friendly service, read comments from authentic, credible customers.


Connectable lengths

Our connectable lighting system comes fitted with easy to use quick connect male & female ends. The connectable ends allow you to join as many pieces together as the area that you’re lighting. Within minutes your 10m piece can be adjusted to a 20m set or anywhere up to 500m and beyond. No electrician, no worries, our quick connect festoon light pieces are super safe and very user friendly. Our quick-connect fittings have drastically reduced the time and cost to set up and install fairy and festoon lighting outdoors. Whether it's a dimmer, extension cable or another string all are connectable and can be ordered at the same time or ordered individually at a later dates. 

Wide Range of Styles

Our Fairy Lights are available in essential, core and pro series collections. For indoors choose Essential Series. If wanting the versatility of an indoor and outdoor light go with our Core Series. Our Pro Series collection is also an indoor and outdoor use and is our top pick for permanent outdoor installations. From the traditional fairy light string to curtain, net, icicle and rope lights we have you covered! If wanting a more decorative light for your interiors we have everything from stars, hearts, flower and ball lights to the classic and popular seed fairy light. 


Our Festoon Lights are available in a variety of bulb shapes and sizes. Whatever your outdoor style, we'll have the bulb to suit! Our festoons come with various light bulb spacing options with the two most popular being 50cm and 100cm. Each option serves a different purpose and installation location. 


Waterproof System

If you’re looking for commercial, waterproof festoon lights, don’t settle for anything less than an IP44 rating. If wanting commercial grade, waterproof fairy lights then look no further than our Pro Series - the best there is in the market! Otherwise, sooner or later, you’ll be left in the dark.

Their waterproof ratings makes them the ideal LED solution for illuminating backyards gardens, courtyards, beer gardens, and a range of outdoor entertainment and hospitality venues like pubs, cafes, restaurants around New Zealand. 

UV Resistant, Durable Rubber Cables 

The sturdiest decorative lighting solution for decorating outdoor areas on the market.

Our specially formulated durable rubber cables for our Festoon Lighting and Pro Series Fairy Lights is a double-insulated UV resistant cable. These have been designed to provide a long-lasting, safe and cost effective solutions for permanent outdoor installations within New Zealand. Ranging in thickness from 2*0.75mm2 to 2*1.0mm2, be rest assured these are durable! You can get cheaper, thinner PVC cables in the market but they will not last long. 

Long Lasting LED Bulbs

Our LED light bulbs are the best choice for beautiful light output, a cleaner environment, and your pocket! Who doesn’t enjoy savings on their electricity bill?!

All our LED light bulbs feature our signature warm white, ambient glow. Within our festoon lights they maintain that old school incandescent filament style look whilst using long-lasting, energy-efficient parts for an extended lifespan of over 25,000 hours – over 40 times the incandescent light bulb shelf life. Don't go for Halogen and buy cheap because in the long run they will only cost you more.

Shatterproof Lights

Our range of outdoor rated lights with plastic bulbs have a safe shatterproof casing which allows the lights to be dropped from heights above 3m with no harm done to your guests or the light bulbs themselves.

The shatterproof light bulbs come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours. They are ideal for residential use but also perfect for event companies and high traffic outdoor spaces, reducing the need for replacement bulbs, and saving on costs and worries of shattered light bulbs.

Reliable, Safe, Quality Product Tried and Tested Across NZ

Love Your Lights is New Zealand's most trusted brand of commercial-grade  decorative LED festoon and fairy lights. Our lights surpass all New Zealand Electrical Standards (SDocs available on request) and you'll find our lights illuminating some of the most iconic venues and public spaces around the country, from The Hilton in Auckland to Christchurch Casino and Kaikoura District Council. Quality brands such as Stretchtents and BlackBarn choose us as we compliment their 5 star offerings. 

We stock a variety of decorative lighting products that can be used to create an atmosphere suited to any event or outdoor space.