Which festoon lights should I purchase?

Our favourite way to light up a garden is by using festoon lights. They have an instant classy vibe about them while bringing a relaxed feel. Switched on the ambient glow is inviting and welcoming. They are just the right amount of light for any event from dining al fresco, entertaining or just a few quiet drinks watching the sun go down. Switched off they look great and add instant decor to the garden. They have that wow feel about them, a sense of magic. 

There are plenty to choose from when purchasing festoon lights and here at Love Your Lights we have you covered. From different bulb sizes and colours to a range of lengths and power options, we have something to suit everyone.

Small spaces to large gardens, everyone should own a pair of festoons. 

Here are some quick steps which will help you narrow down your choice. 

1. Glow Colour

This is easy because all our bulbs feature a warm white 2700K glow. Perfect for task, ambient and decorative lighting. A popular all round colour for lighting!

2. Choose if you want dimmable or non dimmable bulbs? 

The environment where you hang your lights will most likely dictate this choice. If lighting up fence lines or areas away from seated dining spaces then our classic non dimmable festoon lights will be fine. Alternatively purchase the dimmable options, just without the dimmer unit. 

When lighting up around dining areas or creating a canopy of light from above, we recommend a dimmable option to allow you to go from task lighting such as cooking and eating down to ambient, soft lighting. The beauty of dimmable is you only need one unit to power multiple sets. 

3. Choose your bulb hang style - flush mount or drop hang? 

4. Choose your preferred light bulb of choice 

We have a wide collection available and you'll find the Letters and Numbers next to the festoon style indicate the bulb type - S14, A19, A60, G40, G45, ST58, G80, A19 or A60 

Some love the round shapes of the G45 and G40 bulbs while others love the elegance of a larger ST58 or G80 Bulb for more statement lighting. The overall classic, most popular style is the vintage, tear drop in the S14, A60 and A19 collections. 

5. Think about your bulb spacing 

The most important part here is to think about overall number of bulbs. Some customers love the smaller spacing and then realise they'll have 125 bulbs sitting above their heads. Less is sometimes more. 

Generally speaking, the larger the space the more options you'll have and both small and large will work. Smaller areas often suit the smaller spaced bulbs better. 

6. Think about your power choice - solar or mains powered. 

This really comes down to convenience and ease of install. If both options are available then there are some pros and cons of both. 

Solar - will only operate in the dark yet can be easily hung anywhere and are cost efficient to run. 

Power - flexibility to turn on at any time of the day and dimmable options available. However, you will need an outdoor power plug nearby. 

So let's break the steps down even further.... 


These are by far the most popular and look the best. It's for those reasons that we only stock warm white 2700K bulbs. They give off a romantic light and don’t feel like your garden is lit up like a football stadium under floodlights. These look good everywhere!

All styles are connectable and are rated IP65 meaning waterproof and can be left outside all year round.

Step 2: Choose Dimmable or Non Dimmable

 dimmable festoon lights

Our dimmable, connectable LED Festoon Lights with Drop Hang Bulbs are perfect for those who are undecided about what lighting effect they want or for those who want flexibility with the brightness depending on the event. The 4  - 10 lighting options (depending on which festoons you purchase) will satisfy everyone and the handy remote will make changing your brightness quick and easy.
For the majority of our festoon lights you only need to purchase 'one' dimmer to power up to 10 festoon sets. We also provide the option to purchase the dimmer separately at a later date. That's the beauty of our connectable festoon lights, add as you go! 
If you don't want dimmable then head straight to our Classic Collection of festoon lights - click here. This selection is slightly smaller so it's a lot easier to navigate and choose your favourite. 

If you want dimmable then keep reading..... 

Step 3: Choose your Bulb Hang Style

Put it simply, do you like more of a pendant drop hang style bulb or would you rather it sit flush against the cable? 

Festoons can be found in many varieties but there are two common: flush mount and drop hang. 

No Drop Hang  - click here
This style sits flush against the festoon light cabling with no hanging. This means that wherever you place the cable, the lights are also placed in that position. This style is great for lining edges of signage, billboards, fences or a decks and roofs. They are also a recommended option for those exposed windy spaces. 

We feature this look in our solar G40 and mains powered G40 bulbs and mains powered G45 and S14 bulbs.


Drop Hang  - click here
This style features the bulbs hanging from a small cable that is attached to a main cable cord.

We feature this look in our solar and mains powered S14, A60, A19, ST58, G80 festoons, and mains powered G40 ranges. 

Each bulb features a warm white LED within and the drop is approximately 20cm from the top of the cable to the bottom of the bulb. The actual cable hang is approximately 8cm depending on the style you go for. 

They are the ideal decoration for adding a subtle, ambient glow to patios, decks, courtyards or terraces alike. Whether they’re for a special occasion or to be left up throughout the year, these festoons are sure to bring a fun feel. These are the more popular style but it really depends on your preference and space for which style is more suitable. 

Still not too sure.... 

Step 4: Light Bulb of Choice

Oval S14 Bulbs

At Love Your Lights this is the S14 range is available solar and mains powered. 

  • Bulb size: 45mm x 84mm
  • Bulb colour: Warm White 2700K
  • Bulb wattage: 2W
  • Bulb lumens: varies 
  • Bulb material: Glass or Plastic


A19 Bulbs

  • Bulb size: 60mm x 110mm 
  • Bulb colour: amber tint glass
  • Bulb colour: Warm White 2700K
  • Bulb wattage: 3W
  • Bulb lumens: 360 
  • Bulb material: Glass

A19 bulb

A60 Bulbs

  • Bulb size: 60mm x 100mm 
  • Bulb colour: clear glass
  • Bulb colour: Warm White 2700K
  • Bulb wattage: 2W
  • Bulb lumens: 240
  • Bulb material: Glass
A60 bulb

Large Globes 

Wanting a little bit of industrial, on-trend lighting with the option for a retro look? Then look no further! Our large globes will provide a high-quality decorative light in bars, hotels and restaurants, whilst it can also create a funky edge in retail and commercial environments, and also in and around the home. They also make a stunning and elegant addition to weddings, festivals, and other events.


ST58 Bulbs

  • Bulb size: 58mm x 135mm
  • Bulb colour: clear or amber tint glass
  • Bulb colour: Warm White 2700K
  • Bulb wattage: 5W
  • Bulb lumens: 600
  • Bulb material: Glass

ST58 bulbs

G80 Bulbs

  • Bulb size: 80mm x 120mm
  • Bulb colour: clear or amber tint glass
  • Bulb colour: Warm White 2700K
  • Bulb wattage: 5W
  • Bulb lumens: 600
  • Bulb material: Glass

G80 Bulbs


Round G45 Bulbs

  • Bulb size: 45mm x 75mm
  • Bulb colour: Clear, Transparent, Milky or Multi Coloured
  • Bulb colour: Warm White 2700K
  • Bulb wattage: 1W or 2W
  • Bulb lumens: varies
  • Bulb material: Glass or Plastic

Plastic Shatterproof Bulbs feature in our Transparent, Milky and Multi Colour festoon lights. 

festoon light bulbs
Glass Bulbs feature in our classic collection
G45 bulbs

Small Round Bulbs

At Love Your Lights this is the G40 range available solar and mains powered options and is our smallest bulb. 

The bulb measures 30mm*40mm

  • Bulb size: 30mm x 40mm
  • Bulb colour: Warm White 2700K
  • Bulb wattage: 1
  • Bulb lumens: varies
  • Bulb material: Plastic
  • Power: Solar or Mains Powered 


Step 5: How much space do you want between bulbs? 

Spacing between bulbs 

Mains powered options

  • 7.6m and 25 bulbs 
  • 5.5m and 10 bulbs 
  • 10m and 10 bulbs 
  • 10m and 20 bulbs
  • 15m and 15 bulbs 

Solar powered options

  • 5.5m and 10 bulbs 
  • 7.6m and 10 bulbs 
  • 8.2m and 12 bulbs 
  • 14.6m and 15 bulbs 

When considering your spacing you need to think about the size of your space and the total number of bulbs if connecting multiple sets. For example while 4 sets of a 7.6m 25 bulb style may sound appealing you then need to think of 100 bulbs being on show. If you have a larger space then the larger spacing between bulbs is often fine. We find smaller spaces tend to go for the smaller spacing between bulbs. If worried about the space not being bright enough, remember our 1m spaced bulbs are generally a 2w bulb which is more than adequate to light up your space. 

Waterproof Ratings

At Love Your Lights all our festoons lights are rated IP46 or IP65. 

IP65 rated festoons are the ultimate choice for a waterproof style! They can withstand all forms of rain and be left outside year round. These lights really are bullet proof! 

IP46 rated festoons can be used outside but we recommend having them under outdoor covered areas if using year round or for long periods of time. Otherwise they are a great choice for seasonal and event lighting. 

waterproof festoon lights


Probably not for everyone but if you want to go for something fun and festival like, rainbow coloured festoon lights are perfect. They look great during the day as the garden provides a great backdrop for the different coloured lights. Our G45 festoons are red, blue, yellow and green. The bulbs may be coloured but the glow isn't, you'll still have that warm white light shining through. 

coloured festoon lights


Probably the easiest way to power festoon lights is by a solar panel. You don’t have to worry about connecting them to a power point and they will turn themselves on when it gets dark . You can manually switch them off so they don't have to be on all night. Our solar panels can also be charged via USB so no need to fear on cloudy, rainy days. The panel is easily detached from the cable so it's only the panel you need to bring inside and charge. 

However, please note these will only turn on once dark. 

Shop the range here: 



festoon lights nz


The advantage mains powered will always have over solar is you can turn them on whenever you want and they look great on grey, cloudy days. Solar you will need to wait for the sun to go down before they switch on. 

You may have an outdoor garage or shed with electricity you can use or an extension cable leading into the house. Alternatively you can easily get an electrician to install an outdoor power socket - by far cheaper than getting them to install outdoor lights where cables are run underground (electrician bill usually more expensive than the lights!).  All sets are connectable meaning you can buy multiple sets, connect together and just use the one power plug at the end. Easy!

festoon lights

If you still are a little confused or would like some tailored advice to suit your space then please call (0800 300 411)or email us (sales@loveyourlights.co.nz)

We can often solve and answer all your queries within a few minutes and give you some peace of mind with your plan. Ultimately we want you to be confident and empowered when purchasing your lights!