G80 Amber or Clear Bulb Drop Hang Festoon Lights from Love Your Lights

G80 Bulb Festoon Lights


      If wanting a larger festoon light bulb that is on-trend you've come to the right place! Whether you're lighting up a wedding venue or event, our large globe festoon lights deliver both durability and shine! A step up from our best-selling, yet much smaller G40 bulb (30mm x 40mm), the G80 bulbs measure 80mm x 120mm. A brighter style at 5w, you can dim your lights by adding a dimmer unit. 

      We love the industrial vibe of these lights festoon lights. Available in either a clear or amber tint bulb, they ooze style and sophistication while being an elegant addition to any space!

      Guaranteeing premium quality and longevity, these festoon lights have been designed for both residential and commercial use and are rated IP65 for outdoor use.