How to Style Your Outdoor Garden Space with String Lights

Enjoying bright glowing spaces isn’t just restricted to homes with large gardens this season, no matter the size of your outdoor space, gather your loved ones together and embrace evenings spent alfresco! 

Read on to discover the best ways to decorate your patio with garden lights and welcome an oasis of illumination this summer.

Light at 3 Levels

The best way to open up your outdoor patio space is by ensuring to add light at all 3 levels, overhead, eye level and floor level. Adding a glow to each section gives the illusion of a bigger space as it utilises more areas in your garden.

Begin to uplift your garden patio with traditional festoon lights swagged overhead. Various hanging patterns can be used with the most popular being hung around the perimeter of roof lines, staright rows from point to point or a zig zag style as you weave from end to end.

If wanting minimal hanging points then opt or a single row which you have straight or with a little U shape. Alteratnively opt for  a V shape with 3 hanging points. No right or wrong way and we always recommend working with your space and existing points like the couple below have done. 

Whatever your festoon hanging pattern, you'll be sure to create a cosy warm ambience throughout your outdoor living space.


Outdoor Festoon Lights

Sparkle with Solar

Adding light at eye level can be done in so many ways. Nestle delicate seed fairy lights in amongst surrounding flower beds to weave an enchanting glow across your garden. Simply position the panels in the sunny lower-level nooks of your garden, to soak up the sun rays during the day and magically illuminate as dusk begins to fall.

solar fairy lights

Add a Glow

Finally, add a comforting glow at ground level by incorporating garden lanterns upon your patio or deck, placing beside outdoor seating to create a relaxed atmosphere as the evening settles in.

Either use our solar jars and solar lanterns or opt for our battery powered or solar seed fairy lights and place these in metal lanterns or empty candle holders. 

With a choice of solar, mains or battery powered options there is something to suit every outdoor space as the gentle glow brings a touch of magic for idyllic summer evenings at home.