Five Spaces That Reimagine What String Lights Can Do

Sure, candles can brighten up your outdoor space, but twinkly garden string lights have the unique ability to instantly transform your hangout into a cosy haven! 

If you’ve ever hung a strand above your dining table, you’re on the right track.

The ideas, below, however, go far beyond basic mood setting. We’ve rounded up five spaces that reimagine what string lights can do.

Divide Your Patio

Outdoor Festoon Lighting

String Lights function as floating partitions. Instead of adding a view-blocking wall, column, or outdoor room divider, simply outline your dining area with a couple of strings of LED Festoon lights to keep the space open.

Use Existing Fixtures as a Blueprint

Festoon Lights NZ

Mount mini bulbs between the multiple fixtures securing them with wall-mounted brackets or cup hooks.

Illuminate a Dark Corner

Festoon Lights

Warm up a portion of your fence which is heavy with foliage and perhaps in the shade. Deck the surface in a swoop of warm white festoon lights. No power? Go solar and they'll light up your foliage beautifully at night!

Let Your Tree Trunks Do All the Work

Outdoor String Lights

You don’t need a post or exterior wall to incorporate string lights into your garden. To get this look, simply use your biggest tree as an anchor point.

Highlight Multiple Hot Spots at Once

Outdoor Lighting

In this image they have connected the cubby house and pizza oven by spanning festoon lights across both structures. This simple arrangement ensures that no precious patio real estate is taken up by messy cords or lamp bases.

We always recommend looking at your existing fixtures first for suitable hanging points then thinking about the area you want to zone in on. Lighting will not only create a focal point but it'll add some much needed decor and a help provide warm task and ambient lighting. 

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