Common Wedding Fairy Light Patterns

Good wedding lighting is right up there with flowers, food, and atmosphere when it comes to all things that can help set the mood of your wedding day. While you can illuminate your celebration with everything from romantic candles to modern globe bulbs, one of the most popular wedding lighting options is string lights. Couples love this look for its whimsical, fairy-tale vibes—and you probably will too!

Using string lights at your wedding will ensure that your setting truly sparkles, and there are a ton of different ways to incorporate them into your big day. Needless to say, the options are endless when it comes to taking your lighting to the next level.

One of our most common questions leading up to the busy wedding season is how should I hang my fairy lights? So let's get started... 

Fairy Light Canopies

Fairy Lights are the staple for weddings! From the ceremony right through to the evening reception, we recommend them whatever your venue! Our top tip for fairy lights is to hang them up high in a canopy style, this really gives a magical feel to any venue whilst also adding that extra glow of light – the perfect background to your guests pictures.

Zig Zag

Weave your rows back and forth like a zig zag. Remember if you have a little dip in your lines you need to allow for a little extra in length. Fairy light cables are not stretchy so always better to have more than not enough. 

Fairy Light Wedding Ideas

Another popular look with the zig zag approach is to have a U shape swag as you drape them. 

Outdoor Wedding Lights

Fairy Light Rows 

Evenly space out your fairy light rows. Our port connectors are helpful for this design.

Outdoor Fairy Lights

fairy light hanging ideas

Fairy Light Tunnels

Create a fairy light tunnel for your entrance or over your dining table. Curtain Lights are fantastic for this design! 

fairy light tunnel


Fairy Light Tunnel

Curtain Light Wall Backdrop 

Simple drape and hang your curtain lights! One of our easiest lights to install. The rows are already evenly spaced out and they will instantly create statement decorative lighting. 

Curtain fairy lights


Curtain Wedding Lights

Fabulous Festoons

When choosing wedding lights if you’re looking for a bigger bulb, festoon lights are sure to make a bigger impact. Whilst fairy lights give a great twinkle, festoons really do add a touch of style to your space. We love festoons styled with a rustic theme, especially for barn weddings. The best thing about festoon lights is they take minimal styling, simply hang them high and swag them at different heights and lengths for a full look above you and your guests!

Wedding Festoon Lights

Wedding Festoon Lights

Seed Fairy Lights

The Ultimate Centerpiece! When choosing centerpieces for your wedding, Pinterest is full of flower arrangements and gift favors for your guests, for something to add a little sparkle go for subtle seed fairy lights. The great thing about these fairy lights is the flexible wire, making them super easy to entwine around foliage and candles on the table. 


Wedding Fairy Lights