Choose festoons to match your décor


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With overseas travel being limited we think you'll be spending a lot of time in the garden this spring so there's no better time than now to spruce up your outdoor living space. We get it—landscaping and trying to find the perfect decor set up might seem intimidating, but you can still create a cost-effective space with an inviting vibe that's uniquely yours.

1. White Cable Lighting for White Decor 


2. Pool Lighting Ambiance 



3. Use Lighting as the Main Accessory


4. Go Light and Airy and Compliment Existing Lighting


5. Go Neutral and Match the Decor


6. Brick, Greenery and Milky Bulbs the Perfect Match


7. Summer Chillin and Playful Vibes


There are so many scenes to incorporate festoon lighting into and there is no set pattern or design that works. Tailor your choice to suit your space and compliment your existing décor. Get creative and use existing objects to hang them from . Remember you can go with a X shape, loop, create zig zags, make squares, drape, hang and so much more. Being connectable you have so much versatility and with only one power source needed or none if you go solar, there are no inhibitions for your design. 

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