How to Install Rope Lights on Walkways, Landscapes and Decks

The rope light is one of our more versatile options for outdoor lighting. Instead of pinpointing one single focal point as with traditional landscape lights, the rope light casts a wide glow across larger spaces.

For landscape lighting projects, warm white rope lighting is most popular because the clear tubing is better able to blend in with surroundings when not in use. Highlight contours, edges, pathways, decks and patios - all with the help of this humble outdoor lighting option!

rope lights

Landscape and Walkway Rope Light 

  • Garden Staples or U Stakes to keep tubing in place

Lay your rope light down and make adjustments as needed until you have it positioned where you want it. Then, insert your first garden staple at the end opposite the spool. If you are lighting a straight path you can space staples further apart, however if the path is curved you may want to use extra anchors to keep everything in place.

how to install rope lights

rope lighting

rope lights

Rope Light as Deck Lighting 

  • Screw in clips

We recommend you screw in mounting clips for deck lights. These sturdy clips hide beneath the deck and are great for long term outdoor use.  Measure your deck and use a pencil or chalk to mark the locations where you plan to place your clips.

how to use rope lights

how to install rope lights

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When night time arrives you're ready to enjoy a beautifully illuminated walkway or landscape!

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