How to Hang Festoon Lights on a Covered Patio and Along Fences

How to Hang Festoon Lights Around a Covered Patio

To attach your string lights to a covered patio, simply screw hooks into the ceiling all around the patio. Any type of hook will do, you don't need anything fancy or specific. Cup Hooks or Eye Screws are often a popular option and these are often sold in bulk packs at your local DIY store. 

how to hang festoon lights

Some customers also use nails and these work just as well. 

how to hang festoon lights on a covered patio?

You don't need a hook for every light. Some like to use a hook for every 3 lights while others like to do more of a 'U' shape so less hooks are needed. All depends on how much swag you want in your string lights. 

Once your hooks are in place, start by plugging in your string lights in the nearest outlet. We recommend hanging the festoon cable only first. Once happen with your pattern and design then screw in the bulbs. Makes moving the cable much easier!

How to hang festoons on a pergola?

How to Hang Festoon Lights Along Your Fence

Lighting up your fence is incredibly easy to do and will transform your outdoor space and make it more usable. This is a really great lighting idea for your garden if you don’t have any trees or don’t want to add tall poles to your yard. You don’t need any special equipment and it can be done in less than an hour with basically the exact same strategy as above!

fence lighting with festoon lights

All you need to do is add some screws to the fence, spaced equally all around the garden, and hang the lights from them. All our lights have little tabs above each bulb, perfect for slipping right over a screw. Of course, you can also use hooks again here. If you can try and match your screw colour to your fence colour. We have some customers who spray paint their hooks and that final touch makes a big difference to the overall look. 

Lighting up your fence with festoon lights

All so easy and anyone can do it. No flash tools required or complicated design required. Just a little bit of your time along with some hooks and high quality festoon lights.