Which pattern for my lights?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions and there really is no right or wrong answer. Some will have the luxury of meticulousy planning while others will let the design revolve around existing garden structures they can hang the lights from. 

For some inspiration, read on. 

Which pattern for your lights?

  • The V-Pattern

The v-pattern is a flexible choice for any space. The pattern is genuinely simple to accomplish and doesn’t require same string lengths on two sides to look great. Most importantly, remember that the apex point of the V, where each side intersects bears the heaviness of the whole light string and ought to be tied down adequately to support the extra weight.

  • Square Or Grid

Hang porch lights in straight lines over the length and width of your area to make a grid, or make it simple by outlining only the edge of your space in a square shape.

  • X-Pattern Outdoor Lights

This pattern works particularly well in large spaces or zones that are square-shaped. In case you have many light strings, drape a few X’s in a row to make a diamond pattern. Above all, the outcome is a light show that seems elaborate but is very simple to accomplish!

Transform your backyard by adding string lights, plants, chairs, & table.

  • Zig Zag Or “W”

Zig Zag designs are a fun option when you need to include total illumination over your space but want a fascinating light structure. Meanwhile, this can be accomplished with one long light string or using various strings linked from end to end.

  • The Horizon Point

The horizon point design is like the V pattern wherein the light strings all meet at one point and fan out. On the other hand, the only difference is this structure requires more hanging areas opposite the focal horizon point.

  • Tent Or Maypole Design

The tent or maypole configuration includes different light strings secured in a spoke and wheel arrangement from one central point. This point, regularly either a post or shaft, should be solid enough to support the heaviness of various light strings and may need the help of a professional.

Other Creative Ways to Hang String Lights Outdoors

  • Under An Umbrella Although you need not bother with an umbrella for shade around evening time, they do give an excellent spot to include some shining string lights. You can primarily string the lights around the edge of the umbrella, or for an additional pretty impact, line the inner area of the umbrella by following the seams of the umbrella.
  • Around A Tree Wrapping trees with string lights is another incredible method to add some radiance into your outdoor area. Besides, you can keep things straightforward and wrap only one tree, or go wild and wrap various trees on your property. Attempt to stay with white lights to keep the look rich. Moreover, when the tree is wrapped, you can utilize the strings to hand extra components like signs, accents, or decor.
  • In A Gazebo In case you have a gazebo or any shaded outdoor structure, you can utilize string lights to enhance it further. Firstly, you can try fixing the border of the structure with lights, or do a mix of edge and crisscross strings of light. Finally, based upon the type of your gazebo, you can utilize string lights both over the roof and on the sides of it.
  • On A Balcony You don’t need to have a huge space to put some string lights. Interestingly, they work even on a small balcony. You can drape the lights along the balcony wall, or string them up around the roof of your balcony. In addition, you could also utilize them to outline your yard entrance by hanging them all around,