Which Festoon should I choose?

Our aim is to make that decision as easy as possible and it really comes down to two key questions.

1. What kind of bulb do you want?

We have the widest range of Festoons in NZ, so we are pretty confident that we have the style that suits your taste. We have 7 different bulbs and these generally come in two options - Amber or Clear. Also the majority of our festoons are dimmable, so you can control the brightness.

Let’s have a look at the options












2. Choose your bulb hang style - Flush Mount or Drop Hang? 

This is the next big question, but an easier decision as it comes down to two choices. Do you have a structure, such as a pergola where you want the lights to be evenly spaced across the beam, flush and neat with nothing hanging?  If so, the Flush Mount is your choice.  The socket would be attached to the timber and the bulb would be ‘flush’.

The other choice is Drop Hang where there is a 10cm section of cable to the socket and then bulb.  This set up is ideal if you want a pattern where the festoon cable is attached at one point to another and the cable is free. It could be across a space, say one side of a patio to another and creates that ceiling effect.

Drop Hang


Flush Mount