Garden Lights

Winter 2023 Trends

      As the darker nights roll in we’re all about making our home cosy with lighting for these winter months. Revamp your home and produce a snug welcome by featuring cosy warm white LED indoor lights to brighten up your spaces - such as the living room, kitchen and bedrooms.

      You can use fairy lights to adorn hung artwork, prints, and photo frames as their lightweight design mean they can be kept in place with a dot of blue tack. Their thin wire cable makes them super easy to wrap around bed frames, weave between shelf ornaments and even plants. 
      Seed lights add a little extra sparkle and glow around your home. Drape over shelving or entwine around foliage for a warm glow in the evening.

      For outside, as always outdoor festoon lights & fairy lights are the go-to for creating a canopy overhead or swagging around your outdoor space. Brighten up your trees by wrapping fairy lights around them and entwine lights around pergolas to illuminate smaller spaces. Whether you display the lights indoors or out, festoons and fairy lights are always perfectly paired together.
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