Pro Series Fairy Lights

Pro Series Fairy Lights


      Our premium quality Pro Series string lights are perfect for large outdoor spaces and events all year round. Ideal for commercial use, easily connect up to 15 sets of lights! They’re super durable and will keep shining year after year. Available in standard 230V and 24V. 


      The 240v System is both waterproof and connectable, making it our most popular product, suitable for both permanent residential and commercial installations, indoors or out.

      The standard 240v system can be used as either outdoor or indoor festoon lights. They come all ready to go and you simply plug them straight into the your mains power from standard power outlets.


      The best solution for permanent outdoor lighting installations, and in public or commercial areas. Recommended for event companies and commercial venues.

      Our low voltage fairy lights come with a low voltage LED transformer used to reduce the power from 240v to 24v which is recommended and much safer in high-traffic commercial areas. 

      When purchasing this product you will need to order the appropriate transformer. This is based on whether you want to use up to 5 sets, 10 sets or 15 sets.