Fairy Lights NZ

Essential, Core & Pro Fairy Lights


      We simply love fairy lights! Whether you're lighting up your entrance, adding ambience to your interiors or wanting to make your outdoor space shine we have you covered with our wide range of fairy lights. 

      Versatile in their hanging ability you can connect up to 150m of our 230v fairy lights and use one power source. 

      Essential Series:

      • Recommend for indoor use
      • Featuring a PVC Cable, these are the more dainty-looking of the 3 versions. 
      • Rated IP26 so best used indoors.

      Core Series: 

      • Recommend for both indoor and outdoor use.
      • Featuring a PVC Cable measuring 1.9mm with the addition of a bulb coating around the LEDs they are more robust than our Essential Series.
      • Rated IP65 / Waterproof

      Pro Series:

      • Recommend it for both indoor and outdoor use . 
      • Featuring a Rubber Cable measuring 3.2mm with the addition of a bulb coating around the LEDs these are the most durable of the collections and will withstand year-round outdoor weather conditions.
      • Rated IP65 / Waterproof 
      • Available standard 230v and 24v

      Create a glimmering oasis with commercial-grade, quality lighting that not only looks elegant and beautiful but will last the test of time!

      8 products

      8 products