A60 and A19 Festoon Light Bulbs

A19 and A60 Round Bulb Collection

      If you’re looking for festoon lighting which delivers both durability and shine, look no further!  Our ambient, dimmable A60 and A19 festoon lights are the perfect on-trend lighting that combines the classic Edison-shaped bulb with the latest LED lighting technology! 
      A60 Dimmable and Connectable Festoon Lights
      • Wattage: 2w
      • Dimmable: Yes 
      • Bulb Material: Plastic and Clear
      • Bulb Size: 600mm x 100mm
      • Lumens: 240LM 
      A19 Bulbs Dimmable and Connectable Festoon Lights
      • Wattage: 3w
      • Dimmable: Yes 
      • Bulb Material: Glass with Amber Tint
      • Bulb Size: 600mm x 110mm
      • Lumens: 360LM 
      Whatever your lighting goals, you need to look no further than Love Your Lights!
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