Winter Window Styling

String lights are an easy way to add some seasonal sparkle.

This year, use our styling guide to make your windows extra special and create a little winter magic! Or you might be feeling festive with Matariki celebrations and wanting to add some star sparkle to your interior. Either way keep your home cosy on the inside whilst also radiating a warm welcome home.

Window Decorations

Our top tip when decorating windows is to add decor at different levels. Start with a window curtain light secured up high to fill out the space, then add a garland to the base of the windowsill. We love entwining foliage with seed fairy lights for a delicate sparkle. To complete the look, add LED fairy lights or net light decorations to windowsills for a glow.

Curtain Fairy Lights


 Indoor Fairy Lights

Curtain Lights

Curtain Lights are sure to add a winter sparkle to your home. Warm white curtain lights are ideal if opting for a cosy winter home. While white lights tend to evoke an icy, frosted look they can come across as very cold and unwelcoming.  Curtain lights are a great feature for winter windows & can be draped with ease. They create a snug glow on the inside, whilst also radiating out of your home for a warm welcome.

 Indoor Curtain Lights

Icicle Lights

Icicle lights are great for lining your roof with sparkle this winter season and will look fabulous for Matariki festivities. Designed to look just like a real icicle drop, the delicate fairy lights shine through a wintery glow. Icicle lights are so easy to display too! Gutter hooks are the perfect accessory when lining your roof, simply spread them evenly along the roof line and secure into place for the season.

 Icicle Lights

icicle lights

Star Lights

Star Lights are perfect for both home windows and retail window displays. Our Gold Star Lights are suited to any interior & can be displayed all year round, but look super special during the winter months. You can hang them with the power cord going down or going up, so much versatility with these lights! Once illuminated in windows, star lights create elegant silhouettes from the inside and out. Accompany with candles on window ledges to add even more warmth to the arrangement. Or you may wish to simply place them on the floor to add some sparkle to dull corners. 

Star Fairy Lights

Star Lights

Don't neglect your windows this season, add some seasonal sparkle and make your space feel cosy.