Which festoon lights should I purchase?


Probably my favourite way to light up a garden is by using festoon lights. They have an instant classy vibe about them while bringing a relaxed feel. Switched on the ambient glow is inviting and welcoming. They are just the right amount of light for any event from dininng al fresco, entertaining or just a few quiet drinks watching the sun go down. Switched off they look great and add instant decor to the garden. They have that wow auroa about them, a sense of magic.   There are plenty to choose from when purchasing festoon lights and here at Love Your Lights we have you covered. From different bulb sizes and colours to a range of lengths and power options we have something to suit everyone. Small spaces to large gardens, everyone should own a pair of festoons. 


These are by far the most popular and look the best. It's for those reasons that we only stock warm glow bulbs. They give off a romantic light and don’t feel like your garden is lit up like a football stadium under floodlights. These look good everywhere!

One of our more popular festoons is the S14 range for it's 2w glow. Shop the range here > https://bit.ly/LYLmainsfestoons

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Light Bulb of Choice


At Love Your Lights this is the S14 range, available solar and mains powered and all are a warm white glow. 

The bulb measures 45*84mm

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At Love Your Lights this is the G45 range available in transparent, milky and multi coloured festoon light bulbs. All are mains powered and have a warm white glow. 

The bulb measures 45*75mm

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Small Round
At Love Your Lights this is the G40 range available solar and mains powered and all are a warm white glow.

The bulb measures 30*40mm

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Festoons can be found in many varieties but there are two common: flush or hanging.

This style sits flush against the festoon light cabling with no hanging. This means that wherever you place the cable, the lights are also placed in that position. This style is great for lining edges of signage, billboards or a deck roof.

We feature this look in our solar G40 bulbs and mains powered G45 bulbs 

The first has the light bulbs flush against the string. The second style features the bulbs hanging from a small cable that is attached to a main cable cord.

We feature this look in our solar S14 festoons, mains powered S14 and G40 ranges 

Waterproof Ratings

At Love Your Lights all our festoons are IP65 and waterproof no choice needs to be made here. They can withstand all conditions and be left outside. Higher IP rated Festoon lights (like ours) will have a seal at the base of the lampholder. When sealed correctly, this creates a tight seal to prevent water getting in and damaging the bulbs. Check the bulb seal and lampholder to ensure there are no cracks. 

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Probably not for everyone but if you want to go for something fun and festival like, rainbow coloured festoon lights are perfect. They look great during the day as the garden provides a great backdrop for the different coloured lights. Our G45 festoons are red, blue, yellow and green. The bulbs may be coloured but the glow isn't, you'll still have that warm white light shining through. 

Shop the range here: 

> https://bit.ly/RGBYfestoons

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Probably the easiest way to power festoon lights is by solar panel. You don’t have to worry about connecting them to a power point and they will turn themselves on when it gets dark . You can manually switch them off so they don't have to be on all night. Our solar panels can also be charged via USB so no need to fear on cloudy, rainy days. The panel is easily detached from the cable so it's only the panel you need to bring inside and charge.

Shop the range here: 

Solar > https://bit.ly/LYLsolarfestoons

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The advantage mains powered will always have over solar is you can turn them on whenever you want and they look great on grey, cloudy days. Solar you will need to wait for the sun to go down before they switch on. 

You may have an outdoor garage or shed with electricity you can use or an extension cable leading into the house. Alternatively you can easily get an electrician to install an outdoor power socket - by far cheaper than getting them to install outdoor lights where cables are run underground (electrician bill usually more expensive than the lights!).  All sets are connectable meaning you can buy multiple sets, connect together and just use the one power plug at the end. Easy!

Shop the range here:

> https://bit.ly/LYLmainsfestoons


1. Choose the bulb look you prefer - G40, G45 or S14 

2. Choose if you want a transparent, multi colour or milky bulb (but all emit a warm white glow). Note Milky and Multi colour are only available as G45 bulbs 

3. Choose if you want solar or mains powered

Then enjoy checking out our collections 

Click here for the full festoon light range 

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