What should I use to hang my string lights?

String lights can bring great character to your home and garden as they provide lighting and ambiance. A common question we get asked is 'how can I hang them?' 

Here are a few suggestions on what to use when hanging your fairy lights, icicle lights, net lights and curtain lights. 

Our best advice though is work with your space. Some have metal pergolas, others have wood. Some want to hang as a temporary structure, others want them up all year. Some like to hang from the roofs, others want to hang them inside on wall. Each situation is unique so if you are confused don't hesitate to call and we can provide some advice tailored to your area. 

Gutter Hooks

If you’re hanging lights near the edge of your roof, then gutter hooks are the perfect option. These are specially-made, S-shaped hooks that clip right into your gutters. 

They don’t do any damage, require no drilling and will not disrupt the function of your gutters. 

Since the hooks aren’t fastened in place, they’ll sometimes slide around on their own. This isn’t a huge problem, but just keep it in mind.

Adhesive Hooks

If you have a smooth wall, surface or even a glass balustrade then you'll be wanting adhesive-backed hooks, like 3M command hooks. This option is great because it gives you full flexibility to pick and choose exactly where you hang your lights.

Note this option won’t work as well for brick, stucco, or concrete walls. If there’s a lot of texture to the wall, these hooks may not stick or they’ll quickly fall down.

Make sure to buy ones rated for outdoor use if hanging them outside where they can get cold and wet.

Cable Ties

Cable ties are so handy!

Hanging string lights with cable ties is pretty straightforward; twist and tie them around any structure for a stronghold. They are also very affordable, and you can purchase the reusable kind so you can remove them easily for any location changes. They also give you a lot of freedom to experiment with different patterns. Some like to tie the cable ties and lights through foliage while others use them to secure lights in place against beams and rafters.

Nails and Screws

It doesn't need to be complicated and sometimes the handy nail and screw will do the job perfectly. If you have wooden structures or fences then this is the ideal solution and so easy to do. 

Cable Ties

Cable ties are so handy!

Hanging string lights with cable 

Just Hang Them!

Trees with branches can support string lights with no clips or adhesive hooks. The smaller the bush or tree is the, lighter the lights need to be.

Taller trees can withstand industrial string lights, but they can be difficult to hang. You’ll need a ladder and support from a friend to keep the ladder steady as you rest the lights gently on the branches.

Another place you can hang string lights is by draping them along the fence or weaving through rafters, beams and balustrades.

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