Wedding & Event Lighting Inspiration

Good wedding lighting is right up there with flowers, food, music and atmosphere when it comes to all things that can help set the mood of your wedding day. While you can illuminate your celebration with everything from romantic candles to modern Edison bulbs, one of the most popular wedding lighting options is string lights. Couples love this look for its whimsical, fairy-tale vibes and you probably will too!

Using string lights at your wedding will ensure that your setting truly sparkles, and there are a ton of different ways to incorporate them into your big day. If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, have fairy lights cascading overhead to give off a romantic vibe. For a wintry wedding, try wrapping bare trees in glowing coils of rope lights to set the stage for your frozen wonderland.

Needless to say, the options are endless when it comes to taking your lighting to the next level.

So here's some inspiration to help you along the way... 

Create a Sky Full of Stars

 A mixture of strands with both small and large bulbs created this breathtaking celestial array.

Double the Dose

There can never be too many lights at an outdoor twilight affair. Combine fairy lights with festoons for the ultimate glow! 

A Glittering Trail

More is more when it comes to a glistening canopy over your tables. We love how this look combines the two sparkling sisters that are fairy and curtain lights! 

Drape and Weave

For extra character in a bare-bones reception space, rows of net lights draped along foliage combined with fairy lights loosely weaved through lanterns will definitely do the trick. 

An Illuminated Focal Point

Dozens of big-bulbed string lights transformed this stately tree into an absolute show stopper of a scene!

A Twinkling Canopy

We love how the strands of fairy lights formed a peaked ceiling above the alfresco setting.

A Walk of Whimsy

Strings of icicle lights dangle from the ceiling of this ceremony, transforming the space into a whimsical wonderland. The combination of a glittering ceiling, candlelit aisle, and ample florals add softness and femininity to the industrial venue.

A Dewy Dome

With seemingly thousands of string lights adorning this clear wedding tent, the space was transformed into an enchanting nighttime scene. Coupled with festoons for the entranceway and they have the perfect setting! 

Highlighted Heights

Using a combination of fairy lights and festoon lights along the wooden rafters of this reception space create the look of a starry sky. The added shimmer not only brightens up the wooden interiors, but also draws the eyes upward, highlighting the impressive height of the structure.

Dreamy Drips

Such a lush and verdant tropical landscape needs little else in terms of décor. Solar seed lights wrapped around trees incorporate just enough fantasy while still remaining sympathetic to the surrounding natural beauty.

A Beaming Accent Wall

Curtain Lights Wedding

Want to create a focal point? Light it up! All this space needed was an accent wall of curtain lights to match the elegant vibe. 

Radiant Reflections

Candlelit pool with canopy of string lights

Water features innately call for candlelight and glittering ceilings as they reflect their warm glow, amplifying the magic. This pool adds so much enchantment to the setting!

Iconic Icicles

Icicle Lights Wedding Decor

Who knew icicle lights were more than just holiday décor? Transform the wedding table with glittering icicle lights that put the table as centre stage!

Keep It Casual

String Lights Festoons Wedding Lights

String lights aren't just for nighttime soirees. These festoon lights pull together the casual dining aesthetic of this charming outdoor venue. 

A Twinkling Pergola

Fairy Lights for Pergola

These tiny fairy light bulbs may not provide much illumination to the daytime celebration, but what they lack in size they certainly make up for in cuteness. The masculine wooden pergola gets a little touch of fairy dust to lighten up the space.

And that's a wrap! 

When planning your wedding, the lighting is so important. It creates the perfect ambience by day for your guests and takes you right through into the evening. From the aisle to the after party, we really do have you covered.