5 Ways to use Fairy Lights in your Home

Fairy Lights are not solely to be used during the Christmas period. Instead, use your fairy lights as a decorative piece to create a lovely warm glow in your home throughout the year. 

So let's inspire on creative ways you can style indoor fairy lights in your home to give it a magical glow, all year round.

1. Use fairy lights to light up your staircase

If your hallway is dark and a bit dreary, why not consider adding a bit of sparkle and wrap some fairy lights up and down your staircase?

This area can often be one that is overlooked when it comes to interior décor, but adding fairy lights to your staircase can create wonderful ambient lighting in this small area. Not only this, but decorative fairy lights can also provide a well-lit path towards the upper part of your home. 


Alternatively drape curtain fairy lights down the sides for a welcoming glow! 

2. Display your fairy lights across a mantelpiece or shelving

Displaying fairy lights on a mantelpiece or across shelving can be a fun way to transform what may have once been a dull area, into a sparkly focal point. Our essential fairy lights in either a clear cable or black cable are an excellent way to add a little decor and light. Super easy to hang too!



Seed Fairy Lights are a great choice when you want to add a little sparkle that is more subtle. Twist and shape as you like, our seed fairy lights come in battery, USB or solar-powered options. These fairy lights are perfect for brightening kitchens, mantlepieces, shelves and living spaces with a contemporary glow.


3. Frame your mirrors with Fairy Lights

Framing your mirrors with fairy lights can be a great way to decorate and spruce up any mirrors you have lying around your house, and create an ambient atmosphere throughout your home.

This delicate design idea will give you subtle illumination every time you look in the mirror and furthermore, will also provide you with some indirect task lighting for more intricate jobs whilst getting ready.


4. Hang fairy lights above doors and entrances

During the day, your windows and patio doors will allow plenty of natural light into your home. However during evenings in the winter, this natural light diminishes very quickly, meaning that your home can sometimes become dark and dull. 

To remedy this, why not try adding fairy lights inside your home, across the top of your doors and windows to give your room some delicate light in the evening? Even better, this decorative idea will give you some additional lighting to help you navigate where you are, without it being too bright.

You could use any of the following to wrap around doors and windows.

Essential Fairy Lights

White Ball Fairy Lights

Moroccan Ball Fairy Lights

Heart Fairy Lights

5. Make a feature of your furniture with fairy lights

Do you want to make a statement of a new piece of furniture, a handmade cushion or an upcycled project, or piece of artwork? Draping fairy lights over your furniture will put them into the spotlight and highlight any intricate designs. Our Star Lights in either Large or Small are a showstopper that will instantly draw your eye to where they are being displayed. 


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