Using Your Solar Lights

With the summer solstice beginning this week, we're making the most of the sunny weather by spending as much time as possible outside. Solar Lights are a great energy efficient choice to decorate your garden in the warmer months are they can be used to elevate any space no matter the size.

We've compiled a helpful solar light styling guide to help you achieve the brightest and lightest effect from your lights this summer.


1. Receiving your Solar Lights

Once your lights have arrived, unpack and carefully remove all the packaging. There may be additional packaging in some items themselves such as lanterns to protect the glass inside.



2. Charge your Lights

Ensure any switches are turned to the ON position so that the battery can begin charging.

Solar Festoon Lights and Solar Seed Fairy Lights - press the ON/OFF on the back of the panel once 

Solar Lanterns and Solar Jars - switch the ON/OFF button to ON.

After this, place your lights in your favourite sunny spot making sure the solar panel is in direct sunlight and can absorb the suns rays. Depending on your lights, you might need to secure the solar stake into the ground or attach it to a fence or post to ensure it’s in the best position for the sun.

Solar Festoon Light Panels


Solar Seed Fairy Light Panels 

Solar Lanterns and Jars 

*Jars you will also need to remove the plastic strip by the battery panel. 


3. Wait for Dusk

As soon as the sun sets, watch as your lights automatically illuminate, radiating a cosy glow to bring your space to life. With options of solar stake lights, festoon lights, solar lanterns and more, you can add lights to different height levels of your space and create a magical and enchanting garden all season long.

Remember if it's not dark they won't light up. 

solar festoon lights 

Good to Know

During the summer months, you can expect up to 8 hours of light before your solar lights run out and begin charging again the next day. The rechargeable solar batteries in the solar lanterns and jars are replaceable which ensures your lights stand the test of time. The solar festoon panels have approximately 3000hours of working time after which a replacement panel would need to be purchased. 

You can also use your solar lights throughout other seasons however, as they work optimally in the summer, they may not be as bright in the colder months. You may find in the winter months and without daylight savings the charge only lasts a few hours and that's perfectly normal. Remember it's all about how much sun the lights receive which will determine the brightness and duration. We would recommend storing your solar lights away throughout winter and bringing them back out in spring when the weather heats up again.

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