String Lights for your Deck

If your deck has a solid roof, then it probably already has some form of lighting installed. The problem is this light doesn’t illuminate your entire porch. Or maybe it creates a harsh bright light. Give yourself another option with string lights. 

Valuted Wood Ceiling Roof Patio String Light Design Inspiration


Patio String Light Home Ideas

Unique Patio String Light Designs

Wood Ceiling Roof Impressive Patio String Light Ideas

String your lights back and forth across the shorter width of your porch. Make several rows until you’ve covered the length of the porch. You can do them throughout the entire porch roof to illuminate the entire space. You could only do a portion where you plan to hang out at night. 

If your porch is narrow enough, you only have to attach them on the sides. This will give your light a droop effect. If you prefer them to be straight, you’ll need to secure them throughout the length of the light string. This will keep all of the bulbs tight against the underside of your roof. 

If your porch roof is vaulted, then you may need to use support cabling. Mount the metal cables first, and then string the lights to the cables. You’ll do this at the base of the roof to create a false ceiling with the lights while retaining the vaulted ceiling above them for enjoyment during the day.

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