The Solar Transformation

With the weather warming up, it’s time to get out in the garden and start making the most of our outdoor living areas. Solar Garden Lights are, in our opinion, the ultimate solution for ambient lighting that will last from dusk till dawn (even if you don't). Free to run, environmentally friendly and fuss-free, solar lights don’t require any wiring in and they work autonomously so there’s no need to worry about remembering to turn them on and off. They’re also a huge trend piece for this spring/summer season that’s oh-so-easy to translate into your own space regardless of budget, style or size. Find your style with our top solar picks below.. 


1. S14 Solar Festoons 

15 bulbs on a 14.7m wire OR 12 bulbs on a 8.2m wire 

Create the perfect outdoor setting with our solar festoon lights! Brighten up your courtyard or swag over outdoor seating for al fresco dining. Our warm white drop bulb festoons are designed for outdoor use, charging in the day and illuminating your garden by night.

So easy to install, simply drape and hang your lights how you want them then plug the cable into the solar panel. The perfect addition to your garden this spring!



2. G40 Solar Festoons 

25 bulbs on a 7.6m wire OR 10 bulbs on a 5.5m wire 

Bring back some nostalgia with solar festoon lights. These are a customer favourite, but this time they are solar-powered lights. Mix your solar festoon lights in with solar fairy lights to light up trees, or pair them with solar lanterns to brighten your paths and walkways.


3. Seed Wire Solar Fairy Lights 

Available in 10m and 20m options. 

30m option will be available early October 

By far our most trending style of solar fairy lights! Brilliantly bendy they are almost invisible during the day and create pockets of sparkle at night. With 100 tiny bulbs over 10 meters and 200 bulbs over 20 meters they're a stylish addition for wrapping around trees, shrubs and fence lines. The built in sensor illuminates your lights automatically as darkness falls and automatically turns off as the sun rises. 

4. Solar Lanterns 

Go for round cracked jar look or the oval mason jar look 

Garden lanterns are the ideal way to add that extra decorative touch to your outdoors. All our garden lights are suitable for outside, meaning you can rely on these outdoor lanterns to work when you need them. Combine with our outdoor fairy lights to create the ultimate glow! 

Add that little je ne sais quoi to your gorgeous garden with a bit of solar magic. The copper wire cables of our solar seed fairy lights are perfectly disguised in trees, shrubs and foliage.

Solar Lanterns are perfect for lining garden paths, border edges and lawns alike. Whether you opt for a golden glow or rainbow hues, grab a couple of solar path lights and repeat every 50cm or so for an even glow down your garden.

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Common Questions

How do they charge and how long do I need to charge them for?

The panel soaks up the sun's rays during the day and automatically radiates a warm white hue as darkness falls. In spring and summer months you can expect up to 8 hours of illumination time after a full days charge. They will automatically turn off when daylight appears. 

Can I replace the bulbs? 

Yes you can for our G40 and S14 festoon series 

Can I detach the solar panel? 

Yes you can for the G40 and S14 festoon series 

Can I charge the panel via USB?

Yes you can for the G40 25 bulb option and S14 12 bulb option and S14 15 bulb option

Will they be very bright? 

On a full days charge they will give off a light similar to a 0.5w - 1w bulb and are the perfect ambient lighting solution! Your friends won't believe you when you tell them they are solar. Such a little solar panel yet so powerful! 

Can I connect them? 

No. Due to the nature of them being charged via the sun you want the solar panel working hard for your chosen set of lights. If you connected them you'd have less light and they wouldn't last as long. 

Do I need to look after the solar panels? 

We advise you regularly wipe them free of dirt and dust. Like anything, a little tender loving care every now and then will help with the longevity of the product. 

If you have further questions which have not been answered in the above please contact us. We love to hear your questions as you never know, that question may be on someone else's mind. We can always add more FAQ's.