10 Restaurant and Bar Lighting Ideas

As everyone knows, great weather and cocktails go hand-in-hand. So why not enjoy a beverage while basking in the sun, sipping in the shade, or savoring a sunset?

Get inspired with these restaurant scenes that will truly elevate your summer outings. End of the day it's all about the lighting and the music. Get those two right and you have set the mood!

1. Weave festoon lights through rafters and foliage to create a warm and inviting glow. 

2. Sample fine cuisine in this stylish setting while sipping a specialty cocktail or a brew. There’s even a fireplace. S14 Festoon Lights  will take you from day to night! Even during the day they provide instant decor and a canopy from above.

3. This cosy spot exudes character. Elegant yet comfortable! Keep it simple with a row of festoon lights  and add  net lights  to bamboo sticks. 

4. Weave festoon lights through the rafters and create a canopy of light. G40 bulbs are perfect when hanging lights in mass. 

Restaurant Lights Festoon Lighting

5. Create ambient lighting using our dimmable S14 range. Perfect for changing the mood lighting as the night progresses. 

Festoon Lighting

6. Combine your lighting and feature both the G40 festoon lights and S14 festoon lights. The mix of oval and round bulbs will enhance the decor and create an instant feature. 

Outdoor Restaurant Festoon Lighting

7. Have an outdoor tree near or within your dining space? Add fairy lights! Trees are the perfect hanging companion and you can go solar or mains powered. Combine with festoon lights for the ultimate glow. 

Festoon and Fairy Lights

8. Take your space from day to night with festoon lighting. Simple rows of festoon lights are sometimes all you need. 

Outdoor Festoon Lights

9. Light up those trees! Our pro series fairy lights are ideal for all year round outdoor lighting. You also have the bonus of being able to connect up to 15 sets and use one plug. 

Outdoor Fairy Lights

10.  Use rafters and beams for your hanging points. We love the black cable against the wooden beams here for a seamless hang. Take that seaside view from day to night with your festoon lights

Festoon Lighting NZ

Whatever your space, festoon lights and fairy lights will always enhance the mood, set the scene and create those warm and cosy vibes. From a simple row of festoon lighting to weaving through the rafters or wrapping fairy lights around your trees there is always a hanging solution. We always recommend looking at existing hanging points first and then creating your design. Work with your space and enhance with magical lighting. 

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