Patio String Lighting Ideas for Gardens and Open Spaces

You have a big open yard that’s perfect for spending time in. Maybe you have a fire pit in one area, a table in another, a sitting area, and even a swing set. All of these features are useless once the sun sets if there’s no light in your backyard. Hang string lights and bring all of these areas together under one cohesive set of string lights. 

Backyard Ideas Stone Patio String Lighting

Nice Patio String Light Backyard Ideas With Stone Fire Pit

Luxury Gravel And Concrete Patio String Light

Design Ideas For Patio String Light Attached To Privacy Fence And House Roof

Sleek Patio String Light Ideas

If you have a fence around your garden, you have the perfect setup for string lights. String them from your roof to the top of the fence. Do this several times and create a canopy of soft light. You could balance the light by adding more strings over high trafficked areas and fewer strings over less utilised space. 

If your fence isn’t tall enough or if it’s too far away, then use posts. You can have them installed directly into the ground to give them stability. You’ll want to place them in strategic areas to give your lights the most support and the most freedom in how you string your lights. Most people choose to place them along the perimeter or have one centralized post.

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