Patio String Lighting Ideas for Around Fire Pits

Fire pits are a great garden feature to gather around with friends or share a romantic moment with your loved one. There’s just one problem: A fire pit doesn’t create a lot of light. The only area illuminated is the space directly around the fire pit. You’ll need to sit very near the fire pit to be illuminated. This can leave you and your company sitting in the dark. 

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Backyard Fire Pit Circle Patio String Light Design

Circle Patio String Light

Unique Wood Deck Walkway And Patio String Light

Hanging string lights around the fire pit area can provide the additional lighting you need to make the space functional. This will allow you to enjoy the fire pit without having to sit on top of it. You can also use the string lights to define the space so that you have a room effect. 

To hang your string lights, you’ll need to place poles around the perimeter of your fire pit area. You can either use a post hole digger to drop them directly into the ground, or you can use large planters to bury the poles with concrete. You need to use substantially sized posts so that they won’t tip or lean. They also need to be tall enough that you can walk under the string lights once they’re hung. 

String the lights from post to post to create a perimeter of soft glowing light. You could also crisscross them across the fire pit area. Be careful with this; you don’t want the heat from your firepit to melt the lights above.

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