Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas

If you're dreaming of a wedding outside in the wilderness, we don’t blame you. Whether you decide on your own land, a botanical garden, beach or forest, an outdoor setting captures an air of romance. 

Table Dressing Inspiration

Wedding table decorations are an essential for outdoor weddings as it’s the main piece of furniture you’ll be using. Whether you have a long banquet table weaving around a woodland, two rows in a sunny courtyard or a series of trestle tables, you need to make your tables a big statement piece.

Floral centrepieces are key. We’d suggest succulent potted plants, wooden window boxes of rosemary and thyme or bell jars filled with vines and seed fairy lights for a modern look that won’t wilt before you’ve tucked into your second course. 

Battery powered seed fairy lights are one of the most effective table lighting resolutions for outdoor spaces. Pop them in mason Jars and place on your table or weave/snake through the table to create a trail of light. Easily accessorised and themed with a simple wrap of fabric or flowers, there’s no need to fire hazard with these lights!

Top tip: If wanting to hide the battery case we recommend using party favour bags. These come in a variety of colours so you can blend them in seamlessly to your table decor. 

seed fairy lights

Lighting up Foliage

Don't forget the trees! These need to shine and depending on where they are positoned they almost substitute as archways. 

No power? Use our solar seed fairy lights to recreate the look below. Simply wrap around your tree trunks and then switch the small solar panel to on mode. That is it! All you then do is wait until darkness falls and watch them glow. 

Framing the Wedding Table 

Work with your landscape and frame the scene with either curtain lights or fairy lights. Create a canopy of stars from above and make your wedding table the statement piece! Who wouldn't love arriving to this magical, dreamy entrance? 

You can also use scaffold poles so you have more structured hanging points. If using our clear wire outdoor fairy lights go for silver poles. If using our black wire outdoor fairy lights then paint the poles black!

When having an outdoor wedding the table will be most likely be your centrepiece so you want to make this shine! Lighting is not only fabulous for creating warmth and ambience but you'll find they also help zone areas. Like moths to a flame, your guests will be seated in no time!