Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Outdoor string lighting is a trendy way to light up the night sky. Whether hanging above outdoor restaurants or over balconies, outdoor string lights are the no-hassle, no-fuss way to light up virtually any outdoor space quickly and easily.

Their portability and flexibility make them a great option for entertaining, whether you’re hosting pool parties or backyard barbecues. Here, some “bright” ideas for making the most of your backyard or patio with outdoor string lights.

1. Hang Like Fireflies

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There's nothing better in summer than taking a dip or relaxing by the firepit surrounded by a twinkle of fireflies. Well it's not fireflies; it's actually outdoor festoon lights. Characterised by small exposed light bulbs hanging in mid air they can be easily suspended over the pool, deck or entire garden. 

2. Line Them Up

 If you want to make your outdoor area or deck brighter, without cluttering space, arrange your outdoor festoon lights or fairy lights in parallel lines a few feet apart. This will help make the space feel more orderly while creating a visual sense of balance and symmetry. Adding a few candles will accentuate that moon lit night vibe. 

3. Just Hanging Out

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Outdoor festoon lights are the perfect companion to any outdoor set up. Since these lights are portable, adjustable and flexible you can hang them anywhere. If you have solar lights there is no limitation on where you can display them! Two lines of string lights hung between trees is an easy and intimate way to light up a cosy resting spot, such as above a hammock. 

3. Quick and Simple Entertaining 

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If you are hosting a gathering, a quick, simple and stylish way to light up the party is to hang outdoor string lights over the seating area. The flexibility of outdoor string lighting means you hang the light in any arrangement necessary to provide adequate illumination over the entire space. 

4. Natural Features 

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The Christmas tree isn't the only tree that can benefit from string lights. Outdoor string lighting is simple decor that can be gracefully suspended above trees to add a whole new element to your landscape lighting. Larger globe bulbs like our S14 festoon lights create a star like effect above a cosy seating arrangement. 

5. Make the Most of Modern 

Outdoor string lights  can add a modern design of your outdoor deck or patio. Just as modern minimalistic furniture features clean lines and organic forms, you can use the clean lines of outdoor string lights as part of the architectural design of your contemporary space. 

6. Criss-Cross your Lighting 

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Outdoor string lighting provides a fast and easy way to bring a pop of brightness to any outdoor space. If you are missing landscape lighting from your garden but want to entertain guests, all you have to do is hang some strings of outdoor lights. Criss-crossing two strands of lights over spacious areas will provide adequate coverage over the space. 


7. In Balance 

2016 Best Chandeliers | Hubbardton Forge Divergence Outdoor Pendant Light |YLighting

Outdoor string lights work great for smaller patios, decks and balconies too. If suspending lights over the deck, use the width of the house to create enough length for you lighting, as this helps establish the perception of visual balance. 

8. Wood Reflections 

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You can really make your modern home stand out by using outdoor string lights to highlight its architectural features, especially when the arm, soft glow reflects off wood. Outdoor string lighting is an excellent alternative to outdoor ceiling lights since they require no-hassle installation and can be removed or rearranged at any time. 

9. A Decorative Touch 

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Outdoor string lights can be an easy way to add a decorative appeal to an outdoor bar or pool area. Stringing white tiered lights along a wood fence can add a rich visual dimension and artistic flair to the space while still looking elegantly modern. 

10. Shine in Stone 

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If you want to add visual texture to your stone outdoor patio, use the boundaries of your space to adjust the arrangement of your outdoor string lights. They shine beautifully over stone patios or decks since they add a rustic, homey feel even with the modern decor. 

Keep it simple

You don't always need a complicated design or multiple hanging points. Sometimes all you need is a tree and you can use the branches for instant hanging accessories. 

We always recommend looking at your garden first and working with your space. 

Transform your space today!

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