Outdoor Family & Friends Cinema Night

Create a regular outdoor family movie night. If you have small kids, somehow they forget things you do so quickly, and you get to basically surprise them with “Christmas” every week. 

So get outside and get the s’mores, hot chocolate, ;popcorn, fire pits and projector ready!

Outdoor Festoon Lights

The Screen: 

This can be an easy DIY (it really is easy) that you can put together using readymade cast iron pipes from your local DIY store or simply use your fence or even a garage door as the backdrop!

For the actual screen, we recommend a 3m x 5m dropcloth and attach it with clamps. 

The Seating:

Make sure you use lots of beautiful throws, cushions and pillows. The more the better!

For the kids, you could set up a few different areas for them to hang out but we think they'll naturally gravitate to wherever the food is! 

The Lighting: 

To further create some ambiance and mood hang some string lights from the tree in the back of the garden up to the movie screen. They not only create a false ceiling but also a dreamy space to lounge under once the sun goes down.

If you go with solar festoon lights they'll provide just the right amount of dim glow over the whole garden while still allowing the movie to be clearly seen. Or go with our dimmable festoon light range and be in total control of the brightness!

A quick note on attaching them to your screen: Stake down your screen using tent stakes to help it from tipping or falling forward once the lights are attached to the corners of it.

So go on, create your own blockbuster event at home and a night to remember! 

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