Lighting up your trellis and hedges

Garden lighting is one of the easiest ways to introduce added ambience after dark. These beautiful schemes are sure to get you inspired to give your space a beautiful evening glow. 

Net lights are often overlooked yet they create the most striking looks! Plus they are the easiest to hang, simple drape over your chosen structure. 

Weave Fairy Lights or Net Lights Around a Trellis 

trellis lighting nz

A trellis is an excellent addition to the garden. Not only are they stylish, but they are also super versatile: you use them as a screen between garden zones, to pep up blank walls with clambering climbers, or to top existing walls for an extra boost of height and privacy.

Whichever option you've gone for, try winding a string of pretty, outdoor-friendly fairy lights or net lights around the structure. It will only up the overall effect and bring the best climbing plants to life at nighttime. 

Use Reflective Materials To Up The Wow Factor

Net Fairy Lights for Garden

Be creative and design a completely different look for your garden at night. Throw a net of LED lights over a hedge or pergola to create a magical look for parties and other alfresco get-togethers. It's so easy to do and takes only a few minutes to set up. 

Then, use reflections to enhance the magical effect and add to the shimmer. All you need is something like a decorative metal screen or polished tiles to pick up the reflections. 

Make a Feature of your Hedges with Outdoor Lighting Ideas 

Outdoor Garden Lighting

Add interest to a wall of foliage by using LED net lights. They create a twinkling border and help to soften the dense look of hardy planting like hedging. Or combine them with festoon lights for the ultimate glow and ambient scene!

The net lights are so fine that you won't be able to tell they're there, even in daylight – so all you'll notice is the gentle shine of the LED bulbs come evening.

So don't overlook the net light, they are one of the most versatile lights and one of the easiest to hang!