Let's Get Cosy with Indoor Fairy Lights!

Time to embrace the winter months and the cosiness that it brings by adding Fairy Lights! As we hunker down and enjoy the slowness of the season, these winter months, the right lighting will create the mood and an inviting atmopshere. Add a sparkle and warmth with our wide range of indoor decorative fairy lights.  

Warm Inside, Cold Outside.  

The twinkle of indoor fairy lights are the perfect accessory to a rainy day. While they don't actually provide heat, they have a wonderful ability to make you feel warm and cosy inside. Whilst howling gales blow outside, find warmth in front of a roaring fire or hunker down to read by the window as your lights brighten up and warm your space. 

Drape and frame fairy lights around your windows or weave along shelving for an instant glow!

Enhance the experience by creating a cosy nook away from your usual living space. Introduce natural textures and autumnal touches that make your home an indoor sanctuary. 

Fairy lights will help to accentuate objects within your home but also create zones and inviting areas to relax in. Increase the cosy mood by adding candles and you'll be wanting to gravitate to your space all day long!

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Time To Rest 

Find your balance this winter solstice by taking the time to relax and recharge.  Make your bedroom an inviting retreat with soft warm white lighting.

Curtain Fairy Lights are an excellent choice for deocorating big blank walls.  They'll drape beautifully and the warm white glow will be compliment green foliage and they'll make your bed an inviting retreat. Simply hang from each end and watch them fall! 

Or you can hang Curtain Fairy Lights and tie rows back on themselves using cable ties to create your own personalised staggered drop. 

For those with shelving above the bed frame seed fairy lights and star lights will turn your bedroom into a sparkling oasis. You can also weave heart fairy lights or ball fairy lights along the headboard for both a glow and instant decor. 

Time to Indulge 

Candles and Fairy Lights are a wonderful indulgence combo! Weave battery operated Seed Fairy Lights throughout your bath accessories for a warm and cosy glow. 

Fairy Lights are an addition to your home this season that you can use all day, every day so what's not to love?! 

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