Festoon Lighting Ideas for Under Pergolas

Summer is a time for indulging in a bit of whimsical ambiance.

With those long, balmy evenings and the emergence of friends eager to open a bottle under the stars, the outdoor patio is no doubt your likely destination.

For all their simplicity and relatively budget-friendly accessibility, string lights are the designer’s go-to, if not the #1 mainstay in their style arsenal. These subtle stringed embellishments can transform any space in an instant, casting a spell of irresistible allure from their heavenly perch.

So let's get started and show you some inspiring ways to light up those pergolas! 

String Lighting Ideas for Under Pergolas

You’ve constructed this beautiful pergola to provide you with shade and comfort while enjoying your patio or garden during the summer. But the party doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. Your pergola provides you with the perfect structure for hanging string lights. This will double your use and enjoyment of your covered patio space. 

Awesome Covered Patio Bar String Light Ideas

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Patio String Light Home Designs Wood Pergola

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Contemporary Patio String Light Cool Backyard Ideas

Cool Patio String Light Design Ideas

Excellent Backyard Ideas Patio String Lights

Luxury Wood Pergola Patio String Light Ideas

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Wood Pergola Good Ideas For Covered Patio String Light

Patio String Light Backyard Ideas

Start by deciding where you want to hang your lights. If your pergola is a separate structure from your home, then you could string lights from the pergola to your roof. This will illuminate the patio or garden between the two structures. That way, you won’t have to stumble through the dark to get from one to the other. 

You can also string them from the pergola to illuminate the space it covers. You could go for a minimal look by only having a few strands that follow the main beams of your pergola. Or you could string them around the outside edge for an all-over glow. If you love light, don’t be afraid to string them all over the place and crisscross your strings of lights. 

The number of strings and bulbs you use will depend on the brightness of the bulbs and how much light you want to create.

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