Fairy Lights for Children's Bedrooms

School holidays can be a good time to consider our children's bedrooms and having a bit of a change up of our decor.

The bedroom is the one room in the house which you can truly make their own and get creative with. 

We have picked out some of our favourite bedroom styling images to help inspire you to transform your space with bedroom lights and decorations.

For The Little Ones

Personalising your little one's bedroom is so important to make them appreciate the time they spend in it. You can turn it into a fun project for them to get involved with too. Ask them to offer their ideas for what they would like included in their bedroom and put together a mood board to get inspired. This will make it a lot easier when it comes to making a start!

To make it even more individual to them, opt for decorations which include their name or initials as part of the design and make this pride of place within their room. They are sure to love having this claim on their space, giving them a sense of ownership!

Use our Star Light to help make your display shine! It will not only add decor but also a delicate glow to shelves or ledges.

Children's Lights are ideal for completing their set-up and will also brighten up their room, which is a must during the darker winter months. Our lights are super safe as they utilise LEDs which don't get hot, so there's no risk to your little ones! 

Introduce Some Detail

Don't forget about the little details that can make items suddenly pop within the room. Use Seed Fairy Lights around tee-pees or wall decor to light them up and provide some warm cosy vibes. 

Plants will also inject a splash of greenery and can be paired with a striking plant pot to fit with the theme, or a bright bouquet of flowers sat in a patterned vase works just as well. Our Seed Fairy Lights work beautifully with any green foilage. Brilliantly bendy, you can weave them and create a stunning display of light. 

Our Flower Fairy Lights are the perfect choice for any flower lovers and can be used to accessorise elements of your room or simply help frame the room. They can be hung from edges of picture frames or mirrors, draped along walls or weaved along headboards.

Our Heart Fairy Lights love headboards! They also look beautifully draped from ceiling to floor. The lights are perfect for adding a cosy glow indoors and are versatile in their styling, with the ability to drape them anywhere within your space. 

Our Ball Fairy Lights also love to be wrapped around objects like plant pots or weaved through headboards or hang down walls. 

Ladders and full length mirrors are also a great way to fill their space and can be paired with fairy lights to make them sparkle. The lights are super easy to style and are ideal for highlighting certain aspects of your bedroom. 

Seed Fairy Lights are one of our most versatile lights! Feature them in their bedrooms as an everyday light then for sleepover parties, use them to add a sparkle to each friend's sleeping set up. The flexible wire allows you to shape them in anyway you like! These little lights are perfect for introducing a glow to smaller areas or features of the room, with the added benefit of the fine wire being barely visible.

All of these lights also make excellent children's birthday gifts! The gift that will give night after night. No landfill presents that get promptly discarded, these lights will shine in their bedrooms for years. Who doesn't love a fairy light?! 

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