Do Festoon Lights Use Much Electricity?

LED festoon lights will only add $0.2 to less than $1 to your monthly electricity bill over the span of a month. 

Decorating your backyard, garden, or even commercial space with festoon lights is growing in popularity which makes one wonder how much electricity these lights actually use and how much it actually costs.

Lights make for a great touch when decorating your space, but did you know that fluorescent string lights could cost up to 85% more to run than energy-efficient LED bulbs? 

An incandescent 60-watt light bulb, for example, has an output of 800 lumens of light. Whereas an LED light, which is much more energy-efficient, can deliver a bright light using only 1 watt.

However, our G40 light bulbs only consume 0.5 watts per bulb. This means that for the same 60 watts output that you’d get from ONE incandescent light bulb, you would get a whole light chain with 120 low-voltage light bulbs (120m length!) from us.

This is the reason why incandescent light bulbs aren’t widely available these days. There is an almost unbelievable difference between the running cost of LED and incandescent light bulbs.

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