Creative ways to display string lights in your home and bedroom after Christmas

Create your own twinkle town by displaying fairy lights all year round.

String lights aren’t just for Christmas. Used in the right way, they can provide decorative lighting through your home without looking overtly festive or childish. Lots of fun ways to illuminate kitchens, hallways and even grown-up living rooms.

1. Fake a real fire 

Clusters of fairy lights can give the feel of glowing embers, without the risk or mess. 

Indoor Fairy Lights

2. Create Kitchen Task Lighting 

If you’re looking for a quick retrofit option that sheds light on your worktop, try fairy lights. String the under a shelf or wall cabinets to provide some handy extra illumination for chopping and other food prep. Or to create a little ambiance after dinner is served.

Kitchen Lighting

3. Light Up a Plain Corner

Got a dark or dull corner you don’t really know what to do with? Hang fairy or festoon lights from a hook screwed into the ceiling for a burst of brightness. 

indoor festoon lights

4. Add Light to Children's Bedrooms 

Bring more colour to a kids room by adding seed fairy lights, star lights, flower lights or ball fairy lights. 

children's bedroom fairy lights

5. Let festoon lights be the table centrepiece! 

Use festoons to bring extra light and style to above the dining area.

Indoor Festoon Lights

6. Highlight a Motif 

Create a quirky lighting feature above a bed or on a wall by adding Gold Star Lights

Star Lights

7. Make a feature out of furniture 

Want people to pay more attention to a favourite heirloom or new upcycling project? Drape fairy lights over the top to put your furniture in the spotlight.

Indoor Fairy Lights

8. Rest lights on your headboard 

Use fairy lights as a softer way to light up your bedroom. You can wrap them around your bed posts, or rest them atop of an upholstered headboard, giving the room a warm, inviting glow.

bedroom lights

9. Hang curtain lights up the staircase 

Hang twinkly curtain lights and make your staircase look like a forest of fireflies lighting the way to bed. 

curtain lights

10. Display on the table 

Snake fairy lights across the table instead of using candles if you’ve got children around or a particularly busy table. Available either battery or USB powered. 

Indoor Fairy Lights

11. Cover the hallway table 

Brighten up your hallway table by lacing a sheet of net fairy lights over the top. They’ll add extra light to the dark entrance hall and are guaranteed to have guests smiling as soon as they step through the door.

net lights