Create Your Own Rope Light Sign!

Have you been dreaming up ways to add our own homemade touches to the decor of the space?

Spa tubs are very popular in the winter months and sometimes you want to add add a little more light to the area, as it can feel a bit spooky out there at night.

Get some inspiration from rope lights which are commonly used to illuminate pathways and stairs. They can be just as versatile for creating message signs while having the additional feature of light! 

Rope Light Sign DIY

Want to create the above? 

You will need: 
-15m of rope lights. Note our lights will come all connected for you to plug in and switch on. No need to connect the power cord yourself. 
-50 nails (you may need less but better to have more than less)
-printed-off grid of your word
-string or embroidery thread

How to make a sign with a rope light

-measuring tape
-tall level/ruler or additional measuring tape

Step One:

Create a grid featuring the word relax. You can do this in Illustrator, but any software that allows you to put a measured grid behind text would work. I bet you could pull this off in Word or PowerPoint.

Measure the height of your wood panels and then create a small-scale version to reference in Illustrator. When choosing the font, focus on something with all the right curves, corners, and proportions. Then, just mark the dots on the printout in all the spots needing nails.

How to make a marquee with a rope light

Step Two: 

Add the nails. Make sure they are sticking a few cms out from the walll as these act as the hooks that hold the rope light in place.

How to make a marquee with a rope light

Step Three: 

Once you have all the nails in place, add your rope light. You can loop it around the nails, helping it to bend into place. 

Once complete, step back and review your sign. It might look a bit wonky. What’s nice about the rope light is its durability and elasticity. You can go in and add nails anywhere that need a little more rounding out.


Step Four: RELAX! 

Enjoy all your hard work 


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