Create the Perfect Date Night this Valentine's Day

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a Valentine's date night is the perfect way to pause and take a moment to enjoy each other’s company. Here are our favourite styling tips on how to get date night ready and create a romantic atmosphere for a cosy evening at home this Valentine’s Day.
Valentines Day + Fairy Lights + Seed Lights

Love is in the air...

Giving your walls a little love is a great way to add some Valentine’s Day flair to your home! Our collection of  star lights have warm gold tones and an ambient warm white light. They will add an elegant sparkle to your space and fill your room with love. Their romantic design creates a warm and comforting glow while keeping your space light and bright all night long!


Set the scene

Add a soft glow to your date night setting! Styling our seed fairy lights around the room is a perfect way to set the scene, whether you're transforming your dining table for a romantic meal, adding a glow to film night or creating a warm ambience outside. 

Seed Fairy Lights Star Fairy Lights

Seed Fairy Lights

Our copper wire seed lights will add instant warmth to your decor. Style and leave them on their own or place inside lanterns, weave around foliage or hang from shelving.  Battery powered and USB powered options available. 

seed fairy lights

Dining Al Fresco

 outdoor festoon lights

Take your dining al fresco and recreate this romantic setting! To create the ultimate ambience go dimmable and change the brightness as the evening goes on. 

Festoon lights

Cosy Beach Vibes 

 outdoor seed fairy lights

Take your lights with you! Our solar seed lights wrapped around driftwood look almost invisible during the day yet add a touch of magic once it's dark. Your date will be instantly impressed as they light up all by themselves. 

Create this look with Solar Seed Fairy Lights

Or go with solar lanterns for a portable yet stylish lighting theme. 

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day Seed and Fairy Lights

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