Choosing Garden Lights

Which lights should I use in my garden?

1. Start by choosing which areas of the garden you would like to illuminate, rather than the entire garden and think about why.

Often customers come to us wanting to light up the entire garden but we usually recommend choosing focal points and taking it from there. This will not only save on your budget but it'll deliver a more effective lighting design.

Perhaps you'd like to add something twinkly to a particularly attractive tree for an added dose of atmosphere. Or, maybe you're on the lookout for something more practical to line your pathways. Pergolas are a popular choice for adding lighting as they have that canopy lighting effect that's fit for many uses. Others like to light up their fences for added interest and some like to use festoon lighting to add to that al fresco dining experience. Whatever your need we have you covered with our range of garden lights. 

2. When choosing your garden lights, consider how you would like to power them.

If there isn't access to power, battery and solar lights are an easy option. 

Battery lights are perfect for popping in flowerbeds and greenery. Solar lights are even easier; simply place them in a sunny spot and they'll automatically illuminate each evening.

If you have access to outdoor power, this lends perfectly to big and bright festoons swagged around your outdoor space.

Festoon Garden Lighting


3. Consider how much light you need and which feature you are highlighting.

For maximum impact go with a combination of fairy lights and festoon lights. Fairy lights are fantastic for adding interest to objects like fences, hedges, walls, balustrades and fence posts. 

Festoon lights are not only a wow statement but they also create task lighting as well as ambience. They will instantly give you that restaurant or hotel vibe at home.

Our fairy lights are ambient yet create a fabulous glow, they will be more than bright enough for any area. Our festoon lights range from 1w and 2w which is more than substantial for outdoor lighting.

Our net lights can be used to easily cover big wall spaces such as hallways, or create striking illuminated backdrops. Or drape over hedges and fences for an instant glow!

Outdoor curtain lights can light up big spaces really easily. Like lots of our outdoor lights, our curtain lights are connectable so can cover big widths too. Outdoor curtain lights can be an easier way to light fences and walls, whereas we would always recommend festoon lights and string lights for the likes of trees and light canopies.

If more lighting is required customers often double up rows of festoon lights or combine festoon lights with string lights weaved through them for that ultimate glow! 

4. Choose warm white over white glows. 

We favour warm white lights as they create ambience. White lighting can be quite cold and ruin any cosy vibes. Hang fairy lights up high, line your dining table with lanterns and hang festoon lights around hanging structures, pergolas, gazebos or posts. The warm glow is sure to create a cozy space to host friends and family over the summer months.