Children's Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Decorative lighting can make such a difference to any space and our children's lights will give a simply dreamy feel to your little one's bedroom. Make your little one’s bedroom their own! Get inspired by our children's lights, the perfect excuse to get creative do something a little bit different. From fairy lights to night lights, you can get creative and transform their bedroom into something truly magical!

indoor fairy lights

Replicate the above with our low voltage star fairy lights $24.95

fairy lights

Replicate this look with our indoor black cable fairy lights $39 or our flower fairy lights $49

Seed fairy lights make dreamy silhouette shapes!

Opt for bendy seed fairy lights  and you can wrap any shape with sparkly lights. They are super flexible in their styling and can be incorporated in any part of the room. They also don't get hot, so you can even illuminate them before moulding into shape! Fun shapes such as clouds can bring out the playful nature of any room. Or wrap them around the top of your teepee or around bedframes to ease your little one to sleep at night.

Customers love our star fairy lights for wrapping around the frame of a teepee. 

 fairy lights + indoor lights + bedroom lights

Replicate the above with our low voltage seed fairy lights from $9.95 and our wall star lights from $29.95

Light up all levels for the best effect!

You can get creative with your displays and use different levels for a greater impact. Opt for a theme, depending on your little one's hobbies or interests, so you can choose lights which are a perfect fit for their space. For aspiring Astronauts, star lights  are a must and come in a variety of styles and sizes! There are also a range of fairy lights, as well as curtain lights and solar lanterns  which can be used as night lights - perfect for introducing different heights and shapes to your display.

 fairy lights + bedroom lights + children's lights + nursery lighting

Large Gold Star $49.95

Creative Corners

Every creative corner needs lights!

From curtain lightsnet lightsfairy lights and star lights, it's so easy to give the little one's room even more personality. Curtain lights  are sure to brighten up any space, especially if there's blank walls to fill! Fairy Lights are super easy to scatter on top of tables or hang from shelves in their room. Match vibrant furnishings and bedding with the lights to fit with the lively look and create a colourful haven for your little one.

indoor fairy lights

Replicate the above with our indoor essential clear cable fairy lights $39 or if you have a larger blank wall to cover try our indoor curtain lights from $139  or indoor net lights from $59. 

Whatever their style, complete their bedroom with a little bit of light!

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