Camping & Events at Home

Looking for a fun activity close to home or a way to test-run camping with the kids or can't get away because of lockdown? Or are you missing the cinema, an event or birthday? Starting in your own garden is a no-brainer.

Make a Glampsite

Glamping site setup in a backyard with lanterns and rugs.

Do your kids love building forts? Take the fun outdoors by helping them set up a tipi or a frame style structure with sticks and a blanket.

1. Make the inside cosy by bringing in blankets and pillows from the house.

2. Get some seed fairy lights and place them in lanterns or wrap around the tent poles. Even better, get some solar seed lights. Charge them during the day and watch them glow at night!

3. Create a designated area and define the space with a perimeter of festoons.

4. Light the way by adding some solar lanterns along the pathway leading back to the house and bathroom. The lighting will come in handy! Or hang them outside your teepee for that little wow effect at the entrance. 

5. Loosely weave some solar festoons through the tree branches and watch them glow as the sun starts to set and darkness falls. Suddenly the garden has that magical vibe! 

6. Get a little fire pit going. The flames coupled with your warm white string lights will instantly make you feel all cosy and warm. 

Outdoor fairy lights how to hang

Bring the Cinema Home 

Now you don't normally get this on a camping trip so up the style and add in some 5 star entertainment. 

Group of friends camping and watching an outdoor movie.

Set up a mini projector and stream a movie against your fence, house, or a white bedsheet. Easy!

Or if you want to make it a bit more child friendly throw in a rug, some bean bags and cushions, popcorn and special drinks for your wee tribe! 

Solar festoons are a great choice if only wanting light once darkness falls and you don't have any outdoor power points.

solar festoon lights

Birthday at Home

Celebrating at home this year? Give your garden a birthday makeover and turn it into a fun party setting to mark the special occasion! Decorate outdoors with some vibrant festoons, bunting and decorations to make sure your day is bright and cheerful.

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Garden Lighting

Create Your Own Mini Escape

Create your own mini escape in the garden this weekend and set up that tent you haven't had chance to use yet this year. Get that cosy camping feel by surrounding your space with warm white lighting, accompanied by soft furnishings for a super snug set-up! 

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solar lighting

Bring the restaurant home this year and get creative with your outdoor space Decorate with festoon lights through pergolas or weaved through green foliage and trees. Order the takeout and bring it home to your very own candlelit dinner retreat!

Whatever the restrictions, lighting will always allow you to create multiple scenes, enhance the vibes, lift the mood and provide ambience. 

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