Bedroom Lighting Inspiration

Illuminate your own personal sanctuary using bedroom fairy lights! 

Bedside Swags

Choose warm white lights for soft tones and cosy evenings, creating a soothing atmosphere once darkness falls. Shapes such as stars are perfect for bedrooms, creating a starry sky effect by night.

bedroom lights

More intricately designed lights will add decorative detail to your bedroom by day & radiate a patterned glow in the evening. Display our indoor curtain lights against the wall for the full effect of the lights reflecting against it.

curtain lights

Hang fairy lights vertically on walls, drape from ceilings or hang from ladders, they are super easy to style within your space. 

fairy lights bedroom

Hang from Objects

Fairy Lights suit any style of room and inject a fresh feel in seconds. Make them a feature by draping them from hanging rails. Delicate shapes such as flowers add a pretty & elegant look.

Seed Fairy Lights will bend into any shape and are super versatile in their use. Bunch them together and hang over mirrors or ladders for an all round glow. They'll sit pretty around the frame adding a simplistic sparkle!

Brighten Windows

Curtain Lights create the perfect backdrop for bedrooms. Hang them from the top string & let them drop down wherever you want them to sit. 

curtain bedroom lights

Seed Curtain lights are lovely addition to windows, especially over the festive season. The shapes radiate a warm glow from the inside and out, to create the ultimate display feature for your space.

Add Sparkle to your Child's Bedroom 

Introduce our star fairy lights and weave around objects to add a touch of sparkle! 

star fairy lights

Or simply hang a string of fairy lights and brighten up those walls

children's lights

Our bedroom fairy light ideas will certainly help add a touch of sparkle all year round!