Bedroom String Lighting Ideas

There’s no doubt your bedroom should be the cosiest room in your home; after all, it’s the place you rest your head every night. Add a touch of cosiness and warmth with a string of bedroom fairy lights, curtain lights or even festoon lights. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite images and bedroom fairy light ideas, to help inspire you.

Vintage & Shabby Chic Bedroom Fairy Light Ideas

Add a touch of twinkle to your vintage or shabby chic bedroom using simple strings of plain indoor fairy lights. Wrap them around your bed frame or hang them on the wall behind your bed for a cosy sparkle.

bedroom fairy lights

Or accessorise with our star lights resting on the headboard. Add some candles and a few more string lights for the perfect glow!

star fairy lights

Or for that rustic touch or drape them around a mirror for some added sparkle.

bedroom fairy lights

If you're fond of mirror dressing, you may like our dainty seed wire lights which look stunning draped around a plain mirror. They give off a gorgeous warm glow and look equally lovely when they are switched off.

bedroom fairy lights

If you’re searching for something even more atmospheric, purchase some curtain seed fairy lights to fall behind some vintage white net curtains for a beautiful ambience at night. 

curtain lights

Use ladders to fill blank spaces and weave through your fairy lights.  

 bedroom fairy lights

Or hang your fairy lights from shelving to create a luminous corner glow. 

bedroom fairy lights

Minimal & Modern Bedroom Fairy Light Ideas

Instead of hanging string lights all the way across your wall (sometimes they just don't fit, and other times, you just don't want to opt for the most obvious decor choice), drape some festoon lights into a dramatic scallop and leave one end hanging down.

If you a real minimalist or lover of all things modern then you could opt for a string of festoon lights somewhere in your bedroom. They are the perfect match for a monochrome bedroom and would also look great in a contemporary studio apartment or strung against a white wall. Work with your space. Have some exposed beams on your ceiling? Drape them there.

If your bedroom has subtle tones of black and white then a string of festoon lights on black cable would be a perfect fit.

Quirky Bedroom Fairy Light Ideas

We absolutely love how fairy lights have been weaved between tree branches here to create that woodland vibe indoors. Gives a quirky touch with a cosy feels. 

bedroom fairy lights

Play about with different shapes and see what you can make. Create a canopy of light above your bed with our LED ball fairy lights. These look fabulous paired with neutral tones. 

bedroom fairy lights

You could even create your own fairy light wall like we did using warm white fairy lights. Simply drape the lights over some small picture hooks and hang photos from some mini pegs.

bedroom fairy lights

Girly Bedroom Fairy Light Ideas

We absolutely love creating rooms fit for a princess! All can be achieved with some simple indoor fairy lights or try our flower fairy lights, perfect for girls bedrooms.

Play about with some sheer fabric and create your own fairy light-covered teepee above her bed. Or you can get some cheap white netting or fabric to hang above her bed for that super feminine touch.

 bedroom fairy lights

Sleepover Party Fairy Light Ideas

Create a magical romantic tipi sleepover. Add star fairy lights, seed lights and/or fairy lights to make it come alive. 

 bedroom fairy lights

For more inspiration view our indoor fairy light collection here 

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