10 Ways to Style Fairy Lights 

Refresh your space and uplift your mood this winter by filling your home with bright touches! As we start to look ahead to warmer times, make your house a home with radiant indoor lights to revive your space and banish the winter blues.

Or give your garden a winter glow up and brighten up the darker nights. Bring life and character to your space with outdoor lights to create a warm welcome home all season long. 

1. Create a Fairy Light Canopy 

There’s nothing more charming than the twinkling glow of fairy lights overhead: the crowning glory to any patio. Attach each end of a string of bulbs to a tree, a wall, or the edge of any outdoor structure, and then swag back and forth in intervals to create this pretty ceiling of lights. Go big by draping over entire gardens, or keep things cosy with a mini canopy over an outdoor dining table or side table. 

Core Series Fairy Lights

fairy lights

2. Make Trees Magical 

fairy lights

3. Light Up Garden Furniture 

Bring some sparkle to your outdoor living space by wrapping fairy lights around benches and chair-backs, sofas and sun loungers, and illuminating pergolas and garden structures with a warm, winter glow. 
fairy lights

4. Add a Glow to Greenery 

Tuck your lights in amongst the foliage and the flowers and watch as hedges and shrubs come to life at dusk. Use plug in strings for larger hedges, or opt for handy solar powered fairy lights for topiaries and smaller plants. 

Plug in Net Lights 

Solar Fairy Lights 

net lights

5. Think Small Touches 

You don’t need a big display or lots of lights to create warmth. Sometimes a simple string of copper wire with warm white lights glowing is all you need. Pop on mantlepieces, weave around headboards, drape around fire places or place inside metal lanterns and bowls. The options are endless! 
fairy lights

6. Add Warmth to Your Bedroom 

Whether you want string lights for draping over your headboard in your bedroom or striking star lights for hanging on a mirror, we’re sure to have just what you’re looking for.
fairy lights

7. Spruce Up the Garden Fence 

Create a glowing border for your garden by draping fairy lights back and forth along walls and fences. Simple string lights added to tall privacy fences will add a beautiful backdrop for outdoor living spaces.
solar fairy lights

8. Light Up the Pergola

Whether it's a permanent fixture or popped up for a party, gazebos and pergolas are crying out to be lit up! Illuminating your garden structures can create an irresistible living space in seconds. Wooden pergolas suit symmetrical lines while gazebo lights work best when hung with a soft drape. When it comes to colours, the contrast between greenery or timber tones and warm white white hues are a match made in heaven which can’t be missed.
outdoor fairy lights

10. Warm Up Your Hallways and Entrances 

Create the perfect first impression in your hallway with indoor fairy lights. Whether it's indoor curtain lights hung along blank walls or fairy lights framing entrances and windows, these lights are sure to brighten up your space. 
indoor fairy lights
curtain lights
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