10 Easy Ways To Give Your Garden Personality

Here are 10 easy ways to bring personality to your garden. Of course we'll start with the most important - lighting! 

1. Add illumination. You can create an inviting mood in your outdoor space quite inexpensively by layering in string lights and lanternsthey add that little something extra that make the nighttime a time to treasure under the stars.

Outdoor Bar & String Lights

2. Bring in some warmth. One of the best things you can do is bring in the fire pit to create warmth and cosiness. Flames coupled with golden hues from your festoon lights and you have a very inviting set up!

Outdoor Wicker Sectional Allen & Roth

3. Create a kitchen/bar. Get creative when putting together an area you can cook & serve from. Outdoor kitchens are functional but can be expensive. So instead add a painted potting bench next to your bbq and viola, you now have our own DIY outdoor kitchen serving station. Don't forget the task lighting! Hanging festoon lights shouldn't be complicated. Sometimes just 2 hanging points are all that's needed. Try placing some bamboo posts in pot plants then stringing your lights from these. 

10 Easy Entertaining Ideas

4. Layer in the Lush Greens. By bringing in plants of varying sizes and shapes you can emulate your own tropical paradise. We love the golden light mixed with lush greens!

10 things every backyard needs

5. Make a Cosy Place to Lounge. Creating a distinct area in your garden where people can lounge is important but doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Even if the budget doesn’t allow for a large matching outdoor seating are you can bring in mismatched chairs that will work around a focal point like a fire pit or coffee table. Or upscale furniture with a lick of paint! 

Outdoor Lights & Gray Wicker Sectional

6. Add Privacy. Making your garden feel encapsulated can make the space feel like a private oasis. You can plant hedges and grasses, add a privacy screen or use planter boxes to create a barrier and achieve this look.

Hamptons Inspired Small Backyard-Dining Al Fresco

7. Add a Table With Flexible Seating. Adding a designated area in your garden where people can dine is a necessity. You can think outside the box for this one, it all doesn’t have to match. Use a beautiful driftwood table with  wicker chairs and a bench. The bench is awesome for kids and can fit a good amount of people. Plus you can then tuck it under the table when not in use to give some extra space. 

Backyard Reveal White Shed With Barn Light + Pea Gravel Patio

8. Use Plenty of Pillows and Throws. When trying to create a cosy atmosphere in your outdoor space it is key to layer in the layers. By using pillows and throws it gives another texture that makes your space feel like an extension of your home. Bring in the fabrics and blankets that aren’t meant to be outside when not in use, just make sure you bring them inside once you've finished. 

Backyard View-Privet + Bay

Hamptons Inspired Backyard-Black DIY Bar + Gray Sectional With Bold Outdoor Pillows

9. Grow a Garden. It is amazing the ambiance a herb/vegetable garden can give. It adds that something extra to the space and gives it some interest. 

Backyard Oasis-Small Backyard Hamptons Inspired Reveal, Outdoor Driftwood Table

10. Play Music. We all know music is good for the soul so why not bring it outside. Whether you have large outdoor speakers or a small device it adds a special something everyone will enjoy. If you get the lighting and music right, not much can go wrong! 

Using DIY Light Pole to Illuminate the Backyard

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